Tuesday, September 15, 2009

John Coltrane (USA) - A Love Supreme (1965)

They call this one the one. Coltrane comes pretty close to the title - you know, it's as much as we could ask of any man / woman. Even that asshole Bono likes it, but for god's sake don't let it put you off. Coltrane's prayer levitates in-between God's giant and smaller steps and the unquestionable unknown chaos that had spiraled downward from the heavens into his prophetic fingers and mad lips. It is the vinyl spinning 'twixt his buttcheeks, the most beautiful excrement propelled by a raging flush through the toilette that is the global human consciousness.

I tore pages out of the New Testament and slapped a sticker of Paul Gascoigne on the front-cover. I got drunk and I tore those pages and I let them rain all over and around me like a flock of gulls on their cloudy-blue deathbed 'cause I saw myself in Coltrane sullenly circle-spreading petals of his withered hopes when nothing came back except rain.

01. Pt. 1: Acknowledgment 7:42
02. Pt. 2: Resolution 7:18
03. Pt. 3: Pursuance 10:41
04. Pt. 4: Psalm 7:02
Total playing time 32:43

John Coltrane – tenor sax, vocals
Jimmy Garrison – double bass
Elvin Jones – drums
McCoy Tyner – piano

Ow! (Mediafire)

Sometimes you just gotta divide by zero, man.


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