Friday, August 14, 2009

Buried at Sea (USA) - She Lived for Others but Died for Us 12" EP (2004)

1. She Lived for Others but Died for Us 11:26
2. White Nigger (Eyehategod cover) 05:02
Total playing time 16:28

I'll just leave this sludge here.

If you think it's going slow anyway, listen to this, man. Sharing a member with Minsk, BVRIED AT SEA know their slow shit. Vocals buried in feedback and distortion, "She Lived for Others but Died For Us" is perhaps nowhere near as oppressive as a pissed-off Corrupted, but it's a huge, monolithically dark thing. It's when you face a giant squid, alone, 3 miles below sea level (quoth GridLink, just so I could throw in a grind reference here). Truth is, I'm feeling uninspired so let me tell you a story about naked Frenchmen and whatnot. Last Sunday I was at an awesome, naturally punk as fuck gig at a basement. Two bands from France played, creating a great night of grind and powerviolence. Long story short, I ended up on a beach at 3AM with five drunk naked Frenchmen. One of them thrashed about the water with his penis while shouting "Shark! Shark!!" They made me take pictures too. "What the fuck does that have to do with Buried at Sea?" you might ask. Well, we were at a beach, dude. Also, I was stoned.

Here's what merlot_brougham at MA says about the artwork and, well, why vinyl will always be appreciated:
"I got the scoop on the cover art from a band member at Emissions from the Monolith. Apparently, one of the gentlemen in the picture is another band member’s great grandfather (the guy on the right I think). The picture was taken while he and the others in the picture were in medical school at the turn of the century. They are dissecting a body for anatomy study and the table the corpse lies on has painted or carved on it “She lived for others but died for us.” Since this is a tintype the picture is rendered in an eerie black and silver that makes the scene itself even more eerie. The artwork is printed on thick paper and it and the album come in a high quality plastic sleeve. This is an ideal argument for why vinyl will always be better; if this picture were scaled down at all it would lose the impact completely, as well as the etching."

They pressed on vinyl but we downloaded the MP3s. (Mediafire)

"Come on
Baby don't you wanna go
Back to that same old place
Sweet home Chicago"


Mitchell said...

I can upload the Buried at Sea full length if you don't have it. It's epic as hell. Sanford Parker is the man. He's also an insane recording engineer!

Zmaj said...

Sure man, I mean, if you feel like uploading. Haven't heard the full-length yet.

Mitchell said...

There ya go! Track 04, The Aquanaut, is my favorite.

Zmaj said...

Thanks again man.