Monday, July 6, 2009

Origami Swan (Canada) - Traditional Kaiju Violence (2009)

It has blastbeats and it is noisy and spazzy as fuck. Noisecore is noisecore, but sometimes I think "well this is heavy metal". And it comes from Canada. No old school here, actually. Modern, somewhat electronic ways of experimental love thrash. And it's not really heavy metal, I just said that because there are some bangin' riffs. That said, no one will be headbanging to Origami Swan anytime soon. At best, you can lie on the floor and randomly twitch and convulse like a squid.

Dinosaurs invented what? (Mediafire) [removed on request, apparently]

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Andrew Childers said...

these guys just hit me up about writing about their stuff but once again you scoop me. really reminds me of jesus of nazareth or bizarre japanese noise stuff.