Friday, July 10, 2009

...Of Death-demo (TEXAS)

Well, the cool thing about this post is that this CD has no cover. So I ain't gotta scan sheeeeeeeit, bitches! In fact it was a cd-r, with the band name written in magic marker, handed to me at a show probably 9 years ago. Im thinking they didn't make very many of these demo's, I don't know.

...Of Death were a grindcore band from the DFW region if I remember but maybe it was Denton. Anyway good luck finding info about these dudes. I don't know if they put out anything, but I'm thinking there is a 7 inch out there. If you know then please post the info. EDIT- well, since i gave it a listen and on their "jam session" track they shout out rep's to "funkytown" aka Ft.Worth so I guess that settles that little mystery. I originally hail from Ft.Worth, in fact I was born in Haltom aka the land time forgot or aka the shittiest place on the face of the Earth. Then again, I never have to go there ever ever again, since all my family is dead. AWESOME!

About the vocals......yes, that singer was indeed a male. I can verify that by the fact I saw his penis. In fact I've seen all the bands peni. So did everyone else. See, these dudes liked to play their grindcore "au naturel" aka "buck fucking naked". I remember seeing them play with Page 99 (pg99) here in austin on a rooftop way back when, which was a bad ass show and both bands tore it up. PCP roadblock form Richmond Va played too if i remember right, but maybe that was a different show. I don't recall, well.. this was "back in the day" and by "back in the day" I mean I was drinking whiskey and doing cocaine, anything less would be uncivilized, so you have to excuse me. Maybe you can refresh my memory?

Ok, about the band, if you like Discordance Axis, Melt Bananna or the high pitch guy in No Less you'll love this band. The singer pretty much sounds as high pitched as any male can possibly be... at pretty much all times. Its like a small child being uh whats it like...hmmm.. I don't know, something that is painful. Maybe a child getting his nutts smashed in a vice or hit with a hammer. Something like that. Musically it sounds like grindcore. You know, sometimes its slow and heavy, and sometimes it blasts non-stop and has lots of riffs. Throw in a few 90's style mid-tempo hardcore parts and you got yourself a demo! If you like 90's style grind and power-violence then you'll like this.

Also by "grindcore" I'm referring to grindcore as the musical style played by punk rockers and hardcore kids, not the style played by guys that look like they just walked out of hot-topic or a video shoot for the shittiest band in the world.



Zmaj said...

This is just so wonderful in every sense of the word! Also, FOODCHAAAAAIN. I'll put up some Croatian high-pitched hardcore thrashin' shit soon.

Burek said...

Ahoho this is great!

carrito said...

holy shit dude! I WAS AT THAT SHOW!!!! I can't believe that shit... that show was awesome man...I have that cd-r, and actually, it does have a cover. I will try to remember and scan it and send it to you. You still live in Austin?

memories of better days said...

yes, i live in austin dude, right up off rundberg. '58 fo life nigga!

i actually do have the cover but its up in a box in my closet i think with the cd, i think it was red and either xerox'ed or drawn with a magic marker. im just lazy and didnt want to look for it so i made up a bullshit story about not having a cover, thanks for blowin it dude! aha

maybe i know you? im justin, i use to play guitar/vocals in "mayday", bass in "show me on the doll" and bass for awhile in "condemned unit". now i do my own shit, american terrorist experience

Anonymous said...

Vocals sound like a dachshund caught under a lawnmower...

The only thing that sours me to it is that it bears some similarities to faux-grind (my term for shitty scene "grind"/mathcore) bands like Robinson, Sawtooth Grin, et al.

Zmaj said...

I don't see how those two bands fit into a faux-grind generalization at all. And anyway, musically, the only resemblance is in the vocals.