Monday, July 13, 2009

Lightning Bolt & Forcefield (USA) - Split 7" (1997)

Lightning Bolt & Forcefield split 7"

In all honesty, I always knew that my dreams were pretty damn awesome (that one with Forest Whitaker boring through the apartment wall with a shotgun I nominate for the best dream ever. Yes, I'm not joking. I actually dreamed that exact thing.), often involving barren, dystopian landscapes, or dark damp narrow labyrinthine steam pipe streets overabundant with killer androids just falling from the skies and all that cyberpunk jazz straight out of Blade Runner. But I dare you to listen to last night's masterpiece. Just listen.

So I was at this large relatively dilapidating punk-as-fuck building for the most part used as a warehouse, merely hanging out with some other persons. At one point we noticed a pair of brutish cops closing in to our chosen area of hangout with that classic swagger of theirs. Our good moods naturally ruffled, taking into careful consideration various factors such as - most importantly and quite simply put - being in the near-proximity of the local harbor's neutral border zone in the wrong hours. We decided to momentarily split with the promise of reuniting shortly after the cowboys' otherworldly disinterest in stuff-in-general makes them vanish too. In a hurry, some girl fiddled around her purse, whereupon she took out a silver cigarette case, all clean and shiny and all-around neat-looking. Then, she opened the pretty thing, and I was handed a joint. Thing is, I'm not even too big on the respective plant in question, but this was just - in lack of better words - special. We all walked away, myself into some empty streets in the back. Without a care in the world I lit the joint and sucked like an expensive vacuum cleaner. The long thin thing then, I kid you not, inflated to absolutely monstrous proportions. It was fucking huge. It was like twenty cubans transmuted into a green supercigar. And let me tell you, I mean, as far as I can trust my dreams, it was totally ★awesome★. Shortly thereafter, lollipop still in hand, I reached a garage where I heard a particularly loud band rehearsal, and I thought, "Hey, that's Lightning Bolt!"

"Lightning Bolt VS Carl Winslow."

So there. Music heard in dreams better be worth posting, I say. This is an out of print 7" split released in 1997 on Load Records. Both bands formed by Knights of the Ungeometrically Shaped Table at Fort Thunder, Providence, Rhode Island. They toured together and stuff. The Repopulation Program comp aside, this is the first Lightning Bolt release ever.

Rainbows are wonderful, indeed. (Mediafire)


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