Friday, July 17, 2009

Deep Wound & Siege

Well this is kinda a history post and also records everyone should already own. I was gonna make a long post with lots of "funny" and "totally witty" comments but i just rode my BMX like 25 miles so I'm fucking worn out as your grandmas vagina.... sorry that was rude. Does anyone even watch all that shit I link? As seen in my glorious profile, that Dead Bang i just link as "BMX" a few lines ago, is one my favorite BMX movies of all time. MOTHERFUCKING EPIC, BITCHES.

Anyway, this is a two-fer post. You hear me?!! I SAID its a motherfucking TWO-FER. Two-fer one! Like R.Kelly I like 'em double up.

This is the Deep Wound Ep and the Siege demo. Trivia note: I'm sure you collectors know, but these were also bootlegged as a split. Some people say this is the beginning of grindcore, particularly USA grind. As you can tell by the dates of the releases this shit came out a few years before ND's "scum", although DRI already had releases that are just as fast if not faster as these. Anyway with bands like these and Repulsion etc etc its the beginning of people using drum sounds which were before only played by crackers like Buddy Rich. Yes, i'm talking about the "blast beat". Side note: Animal was tearing shit up until Buddy busted out with the hypergrind and blew that motherfuckers face off.

Some hardcore bands like Adrenalin OD and Jerry's Kids etc also used a drumming style that approached a blast beat, but more of a just all over the place stuttering and fills style, which still rules and is some my favorite hardcore drumming ever. If you don't have anything by those bands I suggest you get it, or I'll upload some shit some time. Remember all this stuff, and the stuff I mentioned was 1981 up till around 1984..

Ok, here we go..

Siege were from Boston. They broke up a long time ago but they also reunited for a minute with shitface Seth from AxCx doing vocals. This is their demo "Drop Dead" and yes that is where the fucking awesome band "Drop Dead" got their name from. Sorry, it wasn't from the stellar hollywood blockbuster "Drop Dead Fred" with homeboy from "The Young Ones" in it.

Lots of people have said this is like proto-grind and even Napalm site it as a huge influence. You decide. These dudes never recorded much, this demo and a few comp tracks. I uploaded the 7 inch rip, but it sounds like absolute shit, so I did the cd one but I noticed I was missing a track for some reason...... so instead, in the spirit of piracy, I STOLE a link rather than reupload it. Whatever. This is the cd version that also has the three comp tracks from the classic "Cleanse the Bacteria" compilation. It's on like a pot of neck-bone.


From wiki because I SUCK.

"Deep Wound was a hardcore punk band formed in 1982 in Westfield, MA. They released one self-titled 7" and contributed two songs to the compilation LP, "Bands That Could Be God" both of which are sought after by fans and record collectors alike."

Of note is the fact that this raging band features Lou Barlow and J. Mascis, not exactly the first two names that come to mind when you think of raging hardcore. In fact when I think of J. Mascis I think of a turtle. Or maybe a mole. I heard the new Dinosaur Jr album is good. I don't have it, but I plan to steal it soon.

Now, as with Siege, a lot of people will say this is some of the first grindcore stuff. You decide! Either way both these records fucking rule. Don't sleep!



Andrew Childers said...

napalm death covered siege's "walls" during one of their bazillion peel sessions (along with a cover of s.o.b.). nuff said.

Shanetera said...

I love the Siege demo but I usually have a hard time listening to Deep Wound. Good post though.