Thursday, July 9, 2009

9 Shocks Terror- Zen and The art of Beating Your Ass (both versions)

What's up citizens of Earth, ok well I decided to scan the covers for this cd. This might not be for everyone, but if you like it you'll love it. 9shocks are members of h-100's and also Gordon Solie Motherfuckers among other bands. Now, if you know those names you know those bands "fame" was built around their insane live shows where shit gets blown up and destroyed. 9shocks is no different, but they still put out some good records. This one is my favorite. To put it simply 9shocks plays what is colloquially refered to as "raging fucking hardcore".

Now, the reason I say "both versions" is because the cd, which is on Havoc records, is totally remastered and also contains Mobile Terror Unit" 7" (1999), the split 7" with the Killers (1999), the split 7" with Devoid of Faith (1997), the "Earth Wind and the Sheik Throwing Fire" 7" (1997), and various compilation tracks. I like the og LP version better since its way more raw, so i included the rip from the original vinyl version too. Now because im too cheap to "go pro" you get to download two, yes folk you heard me right, thats TWO for the price of ONE!

All the CD booklet scans are included in the file.

Choice cuts are "Not a Fucking Anthem", "Attack with a Gasmask" and "Razorwire".



Zmaj said...

Those are pretty sexy choices for first posts. Yes yes yes

Honquijote said...

Thank You for sharing this !

Wedge said...

Thank You for posting this. we never got paid anything over our recording expenses, and this stuff is all out-of-print. so theres no reason anyone should pay a dime for this!!! share it freely & keep the faith!!!

memories of better days said...

thanks dude, you guys rule and this is one my favorite albums ever. I use to play tracks from it every week on my pirate radio show back in the day!