Friday, July 31, 2009

Drunk in a swimming pool with Municipal Waste

Last Tuesday I set out to Kranj, Slovenia for a Municipal Waste, Ratos De Porao, No Limits, Negligence, Thraw gig. Afterward I was gonna go ahead and hitchhike over Austria, Germany, Belgium, and France to London, England, which I did, only, I was one day late for either the Supersonic festival or the Corrupted gig in London. But to be honest, I didn't even care, although I really would have loved seeing Corrupted.

Copyright Paranoid-zine.

So I got to Kranj by mid-afternoon, talked to some random metalheads from the south of Slovenia and opened the floodgates on the dam of Alcohol. We searched for the venue called Bazen, meaning "swimming pool" 'cause it is, in fact, a leftover swimming pool from communist Yugoslavia (it's technically 10cm too small or something like that, rendering it useless for meant use). Those guys bought me pizza and stuff and it was fun. When the bands had started we mostly proceeded with the intoxication, peeking inside the pool every once in a while. By the time Municipal Waste got on stage (AKA the shallow part of the swimming pool), I was so drunk I'd have sworn that it was the best gig ever. And just so you know, it was pretty awesome, really. A wonderful, wonderfully loud flurry of noise and beer thrash metal party. Some bearded guy, a Municipal Waste roadie I guess, gave me whiskey in a big plastic viking horn. We talked about how hammered he was ("Man, I'm so hammered.") and Municipal Waste or something when he said "there's the drummer right there" and pointed behind me. I slowly turned, wetting my pants, and rather than Witte, I saw some other random guy. "Thass the drummer." "No it isn't." "Just checking." Ahaha, the ass! At about 5AM, I woke up on a patch of grass in front of the venue, then proceeded to Austria, thoroughly surprised by a lack of hangover which did hit me later like the Hammer of the Gods (also managed getting sunburnt [AKA burnt by the sun]).

The (rest of the) trip to Calais, France was long and excellent and fascinating. I thought about writing up the whole thing, but I decided that it was just too awesome for words.

Friday, July 17, 2009

the Dreadful Eardrum Assault & Zmajevdah (Canada & Croatia) - Split (2009)

the Dreadful Eardrum Assault a.k.a. Teizoku Komaku Bohkoh
1. Baby Beet Blues 01:15
2. Bottled Blues 02:22
3. Boardman Blues 02:28
4. Jazzmaster Murakami 01:10
5. Arclite Shock Cannon 01:31
6. Automaton 00:56
7. Blues for Bureaucracy (Post Ingram) 02:21
8. Protostructure (Pre Megastructure) 00:44
Total playing time 12:47

There's a person playing a saxophone in these files, voraciously blowing and convulsing on the floor, just behind the screams of rusty tubes and endless dusty spins of some classic jazz record. I don't know the truth behind it all and I will never see a completely clear image, but it's like a guy called Jack - or maybe Jesus - but definitely from the past; dressed in and defined by dirty blue denim overalls sitting somewhere along the banks of the Mississippi wailing into a telephone receiver mic. Now, you might, I think, ask "What's in it for me? WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? FOR ME. FOR ME." Love's in it man and if you haven't grasped that yet you need to grow up. It's a wondrous thing, goddamnit. Sometimes I wonder if this noise is only here for our own development rather than an actual limb of feeling, yet I fully understand that it doesn't take much to make a stamp of our time, a point in the chronology of man, an honest journal of our souls, 'cause we're men, in a way. Truth is, I can't ever feel inhuman because we can do this any time we want; write and send a letter.

A few years ago, I wouldn't have known what to think. Now, I am fully aware of passive warfare. As in, not doing absolutely everything, and why. In fact, I lost my cellphone tonight, but I found it later, in the dark, on the beach, and I am happy, not because I have found it, but for reasons that I will not disclose. I'd rather discharge those reasons, but I've no more power, like my wretched cellphone.

A few years in the future, all I'll know is that we had grown together rather than apart, for some reason, with feeling. The more curves you make, the harder it gets to see straight, and you can only walk a straight line when there ain't no heartbeat.

Harsh curves. Too many stars in the sky to look at. How do you choose?

I'd have written it straight if I knew how, or what, and why. The dreadful thing about the Dreadful Eardrum Assault is the way it crawls through your ear canal, like a seductive Billie Holiday love song, only, deliberately malevolent. It's either that or your ears get crushed to bits by a bit crusher. Smell the stench.

My downloads will have directories. (Mediafire, 320kbps MP3)

Direct download link at the smellthestench netlabel, No. 470.

Deep Wound & Siege

Well this is kinda a history post and also records everyone should already own. I was gonna make a long post with lots of "funny" and "totally witty" comments but i just rode my BMX like 25 miles so I'm fucking worn out as your grandmas vagina.... sorry that was rude. Does anyone even watch all that shit I link? As seen in my glorious profile, that Dead Bang i just link as "BMX" a few lines ago, is one my favorite BMX movies of all time. MOTHERFUCKING EPIC, BITCHES.

Anyway, this is a two-fer post. You hear me?!! I SAID its a motherfucking TWO-FER. Two-fer one! Like R.Kelly I like 'em double up.

This is the Deep Wound Ep and the Siege demo. Trivia note: I'm sure you collectors know, but these were also bootlegged as a split. Some people say this is the beginning of grindcore, particularly USA grind. As you can tell by the dates of the releases this shit came out a few years before ND's "scum", although DRI already had releases that are just as fast if not faster as these. Anyway with bands like these and Repulsion etc etc its the beginning of people using drum sounds which were before only played by crackers like Buddy Rich. Yes, i'm talking about the "blast beat". Side note: Animal was tearing shit up until Buddy busted out with the hypergrind and blew that motherfuckers face off.

Some hardcore bands like Adrenalin OD and Jerry's Kids etc also used a drumming style that approached a blast beat, but more of a just all over the place stuttering and fills style, which still rules and is some my favorite hardcore drumming ever. If you don't have anything by those bands I suggest you get it, or I'll upload some shit some time. Remember all this stuff, and the stuff I mentioned was 1981 up till around 1984..

Ok, here we go..

Siege were from Boston. They broke up a long time ago but they also reunited for a minute with shitface Seth from AxCx doing vocals. This is their demo "Drop Dead" and yes that is where the fucking awesome band "Drop Dead" got their name from. Sorry, it wasn't from the stellar hollywood blockbuster "Drop Dead Fred" with homeboy from "The Young Ones" in it.

Lots of people have said this is like proto-grind and even Napalm site it as a huge influence. You decide. These dudes never recorded much, this demo and a few comp tracks. I uploaded the 7 inch rip, but it sounds like absolute shit, so I did the cd one but I noticed I was missing a track for some reason...... so instead, in the spirit of piracy, I STOLE a link rather than reupload it. Whatever. This is the cd version that also has the three comp tracks from the classic "Cleanse the Bacteria" compilation. It's on like a pot of neck-bone.


From wiki because I SUCK.

"Deep Wound was a hardcore punk band formed in 1982 in Westfield, MA. They released one self-titled 7" and contributed two songs to the compilation LP, "Bands That Could Be God" both of which are sought after by fans and record collectors alike."

Of note is the fact that this raging band features Lou Barlow and J. Mascis, not exactly the first two names that come to mind when you think of raging hardcore. In fact when I think of J. Mascis I think of a turtle. Or maybe a mole. I heard the new Dinosaur Jr album is good. I don't have it, but I plan to steal it soon.

Now, as with Siege, a lot of people will say this is some of the first grindcore stuff. You decide! Either way both these records fucking rule. Don't sleep!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tsubo, Rotten Vagina 69, The Anal Treatment XXX-perience, Discolony (Italy, Indonesia, Greece, Indonesia) - Grindcore Bullshit 4-Way Split (2009)

02/barbara esecuzione
Rotten Vagina 69
06/in grind we porn
07/ejakulasi gila
08/i hate her
10/lokalisasi prostitusi
11/memex busux rusax
12/merindukan mati tanpa dosa
13/passion blood and bose
14/setan selangkangan
15/siap saji siap dinikmati
The Anal Treatment XXX-perience
16/invading the virgin anus
17/rectal ptomatophagy
19/pro-sperma geusis malakia
21/severe kreatopathia
22/raped by hyenas
23/this is my grind
24/grind up your mind
25/scream saturday
26/eksekusi mati
27/one more question
28/fuck emotion i will

Submitted by kreas.

He says:
"'Grindcore Bullshit' is a 4-way split CD, released last February through a Malesian underground-as-fuck-d.i.y label called "Deathmutt records". It contains promo (that means previously released demo or promo tracks) material of 4 bands and these are: Tsubo (Italy), Rotten Vagina 69 (Indonesia), The Anal Treatment XXX-perience (Greece) & Discolony (Indonesia)"

Tsubo likes death metal, Rotten Vagina 69 likes double-bass, The Anal Treatment XXX-perience is fast and noisy, and Discolony DOES NOT play d-beat. The soundtrack to a man, drunk, vomiting toward the sky. Obscure intercontinental grindcore split releases will always have a place on Cephalochromoscope, even if I'm not too keen on porn in my music (or in general, for that matter). The split was released back in February on the Malaysian Deathmutt Records.

Love and kisses (Rapidshare)

Kreas also says:


Monday, July 13, 2009

Lightning Bolt & Forcefield (USA) - Split 7" (1997)

Lightning Bolt & Forcefield split 7"

In all honesty, I always knew that my dreams were pretty damn awesome (that one with Forest Whitaker boring through the apartment wall with a shotgun I nominate for the best dream ever. Yes, I'm not joking. I actually dreamed that exact thing.), often involving barren, dystopian landscapes, or dark damp narrow labyrinthine steam pipe streets overabundant with killer androids just falling from the skies and all that cyberpunk jazz straight out of Blade Runner. But I dare you to listen to last night's masterpiece. Just listen.

So I was at this large relatively dilapidating punk-as-fuck building for the most part used as a warehouse, merely hanging out with some other persons. At one point we noticed a pair of brutish cops closing in to our chosen area of hangout with that classic swagger of theirs. Our good moods naturally ruffled, taking into careful consideration various factors such as - most importantly and quite simply put - being in the near-proximity of the local harbor's neutral border zone in the wrong hours. We decided to momentarily split with the promise of reuniting shortly after the cowboys' otherworldly disinterest in stuff-in-general makes them vanish too. In a hurry, some girl fiddled around her purse, whereupon she took out a silver cigarette case, all clean and shiny and all-around neat-looking. Then, she opened the pretty thing, and I was handed a joint. Thing is, I'm not even too big on the respective plant in question, but this was just - in lack of better words - special. We all walked away, myself into some empty streets in the back. Without a care in the world I lit the joint and sucked like an expensive vacuum cleaner. The long thin thing then, I kid you not, inflated to absolutely monstrous proportions. It was fucking huge. It was like twenty cubans transmuted into a green supercigar. And let me tell you, I mean, as far as I can trust my dreams, it was totally ★awesome★. Shortly thereafter, lollipop still in hand, I reached a garage where I heard a particularly loud band rehearsal, and I thought, "Hey, that's Lightning Bolt!"

"Lightning Bolt VS Carl Winslow."

So there. Music heard in dreams better be worth posting, I say. This is an out of print 7" split released in 1997 on Load Records. Both bands formed by Knights of the Ungeometrically Shaped Table at Fort Thunder, Providence, Rhode Island. They toured together and stuff. The Repopulation Program comp aside, this is the first Lightning Bolt release ever.

Rainbows are wonderful, indeed. (Mediafire)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dusk (USA) - mourning... resurrect (2002)

1. Envision the Terror 03:59
2. Element of Symmetry 04:32
3. Begotten Interlude 04:09
4. Dreamscape 03:14
5. Consigned to Oblivion 05:42
6. Mourning Shadow 05:04
7. ...Majestic Thou In Ruin 08:03
8. Paled 07:54
9. Thy Bitter Woe 09:08
10. The Transfiguration (And It Was So) 07:55
11. Yearning for Eternity 05:13
Total playing time 01:04:53



FALLS (Mediafire)

Something's majorly fucked up in Wisconsin 'cause Dusk is the best thing since diSEMBOWELMENT. I mean, if you don't gaze out the window in terror when you hear "BLACK. RAIN. FAAALLS," you're just inhuman, man, a fucking psychopath who should be removed from society. Dusk is very much essential death-doom, and this release, collecting most of their shit sans the split with Aphotic, features some of the heaviest death metal ever put to a non-Hellchild album. Music to drown to.

Friday, July 10, 2009

...Of Death-demo (TEXAS)

Well, the cool thing about this post is that this CD has no cover. So I ain't gotta scan sheeeeeeeit, bitches! In fact it was a cd-r, with the band name written in magic marker, handed to me at a show probably 9 years ago. Im thinking they didn't make very many of these demo's, I don't know.

...Of Death were a grindcore band from the DFW region if I remember but maybe it was Denton. Anyway good luck finding info about these dudes. I don't know if they put out anything, but I'm thinking there is a 7 inch out there. If you know then please post the info. EDIT- well, since i gave it a listen and on their "jam session" track they shout out rep's to "funkytown" aka Ft.Worth so I guess that settles that little mystery. I originally hail from Ft.Worth, in fact I was born in Haltom aka the land time forgot or aka the shittiest place on the face of the Earth. Then again, I never have to go there ever ever again, since all my family is dead. AWESOME!

About the vocals......yes, that singer was indeed a male. I can verify that by the fact I saw his penis. In fact I've seen all the bands peni. So did everyone else. See, these dudes liked to play their grindcore "au naturel" aka "buck fucking naked". I remember seeing them play with Page 99 (pg99) here in austin on a rooftop way back when, which was a bad ass show and both bands tore it up. PCP roadblock form Richmond Va played too if i remember right, but maybe that was a different show. I don't recall, well.. this was "back in the day" and by "back in the day" I mean I was drinking whiskey and doing cocaine, anything less would be uncivilized, so you have to excuse me. Maybe you can refresh my memory?

Ok, about the band, if you like Discordance Axis, Melt Bananna or the high pitch guy in No Less you'll love this band. The singer pretty much sounds as high pitched as any male can possibly be... at pretty much all times. Its like a small child being uh whats it like...hmmm.. I don't know, something that is painful. Maybe a child getting his nutts smashed in a vice or hit with a hammer. Something like that. Musically it sounds like grindcore. You know, sometimes its slow and heavy, and sometimes it blasts non-stop and has lots of riffs. Throw in a few 90's style mid-tempo hardcore parts and you got yourself a demo! If you like 90's style grind and power-violence then you'll like this.

Also by "grindcore" I'm referring to grindcore as the musical style played by punk rockers and hardcore kids, not the style played by guys that look like they just walked out of hot-topic or a video shoot for the shittiest band in the world.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

9 Shocks Terror- Zen and The art of Beating Your Ass (both versions)

What's up citizens of Earth, ok well I decided to scan the covers for this cd. This might not be for everyone, but if you like it you'll love it. 9shocks are members of h-100's and also Gordon Solie Motherfuckers among other bands. Now, if you know those names you know those bands "fame" was built around their insane live shows where shit gets blown up and destroyed. 9shocks is no different, but they still put out some good records. This one is my favorite. To put it simply 9shocks plays what is colloquially refered to as "raging fucking hardcore".

Now, the reason I say "both versions" is because the cd, which is on Havoc records, is totally remastered and also contains Mobile Terror Unit" 7" (1999), the split 7" with the Killers (1999), the split 7" with Devoid of Faith (1997), the "Earth Wind and the Sheik Throwing Fire" 7" (1997), and various compilation tracks. I like the og LP version better since its way more raw, so i included the rip from the original vinyl version too. Now because im too cheap to "go pro" you get to download two, yes folk you heard me right, thats TWO for the price of ONE!

All the CD booklet scans are included in the file.

Choice cuts are "Not a Fucking Anthem", "Attack with a Gasmask" and "Razorwire".


Monday, July 6, 2009

Origami Swan (Canada) - Traditional Kaiju Violence (2009)

It has blastbeats and it is noisy and spazzy as fuck. Noisecore is noisecore, but sometimes I think "well this is heavy metal". And it comes from Canada. No old school here, actually. Modern, somewhat electronic ways of experimental love thrash. And it's not really heavy metal, I just said that because there are some bangin' riffs. That said, no one will be headbanging to Origami Swan anytime soon. At best, you can lie on the floor and randomly twitch and convulse like a squid.

Dinosaurs invented what? (Mediafire) [removed on request, apparently]