Friday, May 1, 2009

Moderate Rock (USA) - DEMO (2008)

1. Sleep Easy, Friend
2. Now You Teach Us To Sing
3. Flowers In Spring
4. Stars Die
5. An Epoch Of Delirium Pt.2
Total playing time 30:51

Chris comes from Florida, this is his (currently) solo project. That's not the actual cover or anything, just a photo from Puerto Rico I stole from the Moderate Rock myspace page.

Post-rock and math rock are the main genre tags this time, as in: Don Caballero, Maps and Atlases, Isis, Tera Melos, Russian Circles, and whatnot. As it happens, my favorite song is Flowers in Spring, but that's 'cause I get all wet when I hear such a lovable tapping jam. The rest of the tracks don't really follow a set formula, yet they all share an important attribute which happens to be one of the main reasons why I really enjoy his project; namely, Chris is very much in touch with the spirit of the free jam, and this makes his post/math rock fun. It's the kind of thing that I sort-of miss in a lot of post-rock bands, I guess. It is also why I love the Boredoms, for example.

For any more info, do visit his myspace.

Download me do. (Mediafire)

P.S. I've no real excuses for my inactivity. Other priorities. Life, you know? I've got some excellent stuff in store, however, in true Cephalochromoscope fashion (SEVENINCHGRINDAPOCALYPSE). Orfee's the ace in my sleeve, anyway. :D

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