Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bipolar Joe (Ireland) - Is The Inner Child

1. I Am A Very Innovative Person
2. Spanky Monkey?
3. Drill Bra! (Jazzed To Death Mix)
Total playing time 19:02

It's about 3 A.M. at the 2009 Nojz Fest in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Standing at the counter, I'm paying for a glass of orange juice. By now, the club is nearly empty.

So I'm sipping that juice when I notice a lad sitting on the stage doing nothing in particular. The first thing that you notice about him is the beard, naturally. He looked liked a wizard in a t-shirt.

I mean, that's a solid fucking beard. Might as well talk to him, right?

Anyway, Bipolar Joe was the first act on the second festival night. I babbled about random bullshit and spilled juice all over myself, so he gave me one of his CDs. Namely, this one.

I'd rather not attempt reviewing noise, so I'm leaving that to TerrorNoiseAudio (in a bit). Guy has a toy violin, though. And let me tell you, the packaging is awesome, custom made stuff. DIY. As for the cover art, I'll cite the man himself: "That's me when I was lil'."

And we called her the Balkan rover. (Mediafire)

Later on, I witnessed an excellent impersonation of Louis Armstrong on "What a Wonderful World", courtesy of some drunk Slovenian guy standing on a table. Of course, more random conversations followed (Hello, Tywi :D).

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