Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bipolar Joe (Ireland) - Is The Inner Child

1. I Am A Very Innovative Person
2. Spanky Monkey?
3. Drill Bra! (Jazzed To Death Mix)
Total playing time 19:02

It's about 3 A.M. at the 2009 Nojz Fest in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Standing at the counter, I'm paying for a glass of orange juice. By now, the club is nearly empty.

So I'm sipping that juice when I notice a lad sitting on the stage doing nothing in particular. The first thing that you notice about him is the beard, naturally. He looked liked a wizard in a t-shirt.

I mean, that's a solid fucking beard. Might as well talk to him, right?

Anyway, Bipolar Joe was the first act on the second festival night. I babbled about random bullshit and spilled juice all over myself, so he gave me one of his CDs. Namely, this one.

I'd rather not attempt reviewing noise, so I'm leaving that to TerrorNoiseAudio (in a bit). Guy has a toy violin, though. And let me tell you, the packaging is awesome, custom made stuff. DIY. As for the cover art, I'll cite the man himself: "That's me when I was lil'."

And we called her the Balkan rover. (Mediafire)

Later on, I witnessed an excellent impersonation of Louis Armstrong on "What a Wonderful World", courtesy of some drunk Slovenian guy standing on a table. Of course, more random conversations followed (Hello, Tywi :D).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slight Slappers [JPN] - A Selfish World Called Freedom [2000]

Most Beatles covers suck save for a few exceptions, Slight Slappers being one of them. A kind of band that's hard to argue against unless you're a total arsehole, which can occur frequently depending on your mindset. I don't know what I'm saying, trying to avoid descriptions and filling up on potato bread. What happens between my ears and my headphones is none of your government's business.

Is "powerviolence" really just one word?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mortalized & Evol (Japan) - The Killer SPLIT 7" (2000)

Only good can come out of me repeatedly repeating this unquestionably factual grind-related statement: Mortalized is one of the best deathgrind bands ever. Speed and Satan, boys. Remember?

One of Matsubara's major influences is most definitely Trey Azagthoth of MORUBID ANUGER, however, Evol is actually much closer to the band in question. Rapture and being a fanboy aside, I can't say that I enjoy Ikeda's utterly thin bass-drum sound! But, obviously, Mortalized is still well worth it. Play with the EQs or something, if you will. Evol is good stuff too, really + a pretty intro, there. Death metal is fun.

And I quite like those Mortalized lyrics.


Download and being broken with (Mediafire). [256kbps]

Limited to 500 copies. Sold out. BIMI025 on Bloodbath Records. Evol certainly destroys Mortalized on this one, at least as long as we're talking about cover art. But those inner sleeves are pretty fucking random stuff.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dreams of the Drowned (France) - Thanatotropic Principle (2009)

Avant-garde post-blackened punk as fuck metal.

Dissonant, noisy stuff. Black metal. The punk adjective I use not as in Darkthrone or whatever old-school black metal you might have thought of, but as a much more modern example. I mean, the hardcore reminds of Converge, but that might just be me. It gets pretty melodic too. Even a violin at some point, man. And a Ved Buens Ende cover for fuck's sake! Use that as a reference point, I guess. Ved Buens Ende, I mean. The atmosphere is something like that, but rawer, I'd say. Also, Discordance Axis, sure. Awesome band, in any case.

DotD put out a great demo in 2008 too, also free. I'll dig it up if someone's interested. I like the new stuff even more, though. I'm talking about the new rehearsal and demo tracks - have a listen here. Tech-post-black metal. Nope, not like Krallice, pal.

And I shall never download. (Mediafire)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Moderate Rock (USA) - DEMO (2008)

1. Sleep Easy, Friend
2. Now You Teach Us To Sing
3. Flowers In Spring
4. Stars Die
5. An Epoch Of Delirium Pt.2
Total playing time 30:51

Chris comes from Florida, this is his (currently) solo project. That's not the actual cover or anything, just a photo from Puerto Rico I stole from the Moderate Rock myspace page.

Post-rock and math rock are the main genre tags this time, as in: Don Caballero, Maps and Atlases, Isis, Tera Melos, Russian Circles, and whatnot. As it happens, my favorite song is Flowers in Spring, but that's 'cause I get all wet when I hear such a lovable tapping jam. The rest of the tracks don't really follow a set formula, yet they all share an important attribute which happens to be one of the main reasons why I really enjoy his project; namely, Chris is very much in touch with the spirit of the free jam, and this makes his post/math rock fun. It's the kind of thing that I sort-of miss in a lot of post-rock bands, I guess. It is also why I love the Boredoms, for example.

For any more info, do visit his myspace.

Download me do. (Mediafire)

P.S. I've no real excuses for my inactivity. Other priorities. Life, you know? I've got some excellent stuff in store, however, in true Cephalochromoscope fashion (SEVENINCHGRINDAPOCALYPSE). Orfee's the ace in my sleeve, anyway. :D