Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Godgrind (Japan) - DEMO (2002)


1. Untitled
Total playing time 23:13

More earthquake-reminiscent sludge. This one's from Japan, too.

Godgrind sounds something like Corrupted with an additional crapton of feedback and drive. As heavy as droning distortion gets, all while remaining noisy as fuck, they take chord repetitions to God-knows-where. Guy starts a growlin' at about 11 minutes in. It's pretty extreme stuff, you know; the bandname's appropriate. Really now, you'll probably enjoy it if you like to wallow in the oppressive Corrupted atmosphere.

Apparently, the demo is an independent release, and there's just about zero info concerning the band, their past, their future, their present. Don't even know the city of origin, however, Godgrind was supposedly formed by members of a now defunct noise project - World.


That aside, Luc(A)s is deleting his blog soon, Lower Extremities, so now's about the time to grab stuff off it and say thanks.

P.S. Davydd, you ought to post Vat of Fat, I say.


TheThirdChildren said...

Speaking of World, is there a way to "preview" some of their releases here. I can't seem to find them in blogosphere or elsewhere on the net.

Zmaj said...

Nope, sorry. I got that information from some review some review some time ago. But hey, you never know, someone might turn up with more info. It happens every now and then.

Until then, 'World' is mostly a Multiplex release for me.

Lukas said...

Thanks for the shout out! and for the tunes... this Godgrind doomness pleases me.

TheThirdChildren said...

Next time just tell me to learn how to use google ... here is their full discography in case you're interested: [] from []

there's also [] split with none other than Cripple Bastards ;)

Zmaj said...

Thanks, man!