Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Immigrant Breast Nest - Netlabel Info

I got a mail last week from a CEO, har, har! All jokes aside, CEO of what? Derek Tibs and his Immigrant Breast Nest, a new (launched last week) netlabel focusing on "electronic, experimental, noise, and other types of music". Might as well sport it on Cephalochromoscope seeing as we're generally supportive of this sort of music-made-available, of course.

Here's what he said, or more precisely, an overview of the first 6 releases:
Thermometeromter - Who measures the measurers?
Spattered digital noise, warped beats, old school shapes, and plenty of sizzle
Speak Onion - Metabolor
Breaks, basses, and no-input mixer styles to mess up any party
Magical Penis Thief - A rabbit pooped in his arms
Chaotic drone, static hyper-beats, electronic chop & blip
Headless Nameless - Lowlight Encampment
Old school industrial glitch dubs
Thermometerometer - In the furniture factory
Live cuts with plenty of wreckage to re-arrange your bits
Decanting the Bloodwhore - Evenloped In The Dreaded Anguish Of Ancients
Tru necro cvlt black metal grymmness

All the stuff's downloadable in the "Releases" section of

Godgrind (Japan) - DEMO (2002)


1. Untitled
Total playing time 23:13

More earthquake-reminiscent sludge. This one's from Japan, too.

Godgrind sounds something like Corrupted with an additional crapton of feedback and drive. As heavy as droning distortion gets, all while remaining noisy as fuck, they take chord repetitions to God-knows-where. Guy starts a growlin' at about 11 minutes in. It's pretty extreme stuff, you know; the bandname's appropriate. Really now, you'll probably enjoy it if you like to wallow in the oppressive Corrupted atmosphere.

Apparently, the demo is an independent release, and there's just about zero info concerning the band, their past, their future, their present. Don't even know the city of origin, however, Godgrind was supposedly formed by members of a now defunct noise project - World.


That aside, Luc(A)s is deleting his blog soon, Lower Extremities, so now's about the time to grab stuff off it and say thanks.

P.S. Davydd, you ought to post Vat of Fat, I say.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dad They Broke Me (Australia) - Lack EP (2007)


1. Iron Sun
2. Dead Shot
3. Extinction of Thought
4. Spat Out Rotten
Total playing time 20:15

Still under the impression of the recent L'Aquila earthquake, here's something that sounds like it'd score fairly high on Richter's scale.

Sludge. Fuck. Scary, uncompromising stuff; it feels like murder and the aftermath, Rodion Romanovich accidentally axing Lizaveta Ivanovna (as far as one can accidentally axe people; let's leave that for another time), the band being Raskolnikov and you and me Lizaveta, and the axe appears to be a truck, actually, or, well, something like that. Dad They Broke Me are often described as a sludge version of The Jesus Lizard, but fuck descriptions that make sense, I say. Their color is that of Venetian canals - the ugliest teal - yet one just a bit too ugly to evoke a sentiment of Windows 95, but more like the image of a common teal that decided to grow a pair of huge iron wings (the duck equivalent of balls) and just drift through the universe completely ignoring time and space, indifferently skullraping God while continually, indiscriminately shitting hydrogen bombs at the nearest celestial objects when its bowels call for the apocalypse.

That's it, they sound like my bowel movements, albeit alarmingly apocalyptic ones: like I'm about to shit a heavy load transport train and just totally crush that impudently clean toilet. Seriously though, Lack is so good it makes being buried under a mountain of elephant shit sound like quite the excellent prospect.

Music that kills babies, their parents, and their parents' parents, and their children that never even existed. (Mediafire)

Get this stuff on Missing Link Records, excellent label. Happy Easter and all that bullshit. There is no God.