Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unholy Grave & Capitalist Casualties (Japan & USA) - Racism Split 7" (1999)

Yes, well, more Unholy Grave. So, what to expect?

The standard stuff, really, but I wonder, what would Unholy Grave grind about if terrorism disappeared, became extinct, eradicated? Okay, that's pretty much impossible, especially with the modern American definition of the term, so I guess we'll just have to let the band dig grave-reminiscent holes in our fucking skulls, leaving but one clear thought - terrorism sucks.


That aside, I'd say that both sides feature some of the catchiest songs in these bands' discographies; I'm talking about 'Desperate Waiting' and 'Hate Criminal'. Good stuff, naturally. The UG side was recorded in 1998, the CC side in 1999, and the Deaf American flyer says June, 2000, so I settled for 1999. Consult the sleeve scans for any other specific info.

Desperate Downloading (Mediafire)


orfee said...

Damn... okay, I'll scan some more next split. Jeez.

Zmaj said...

I scanned the shit out of it, yeah. That aside, I'm fine with us having a crapton of UG posts.