Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KiKurachiyo [鞠螺千世] (Canada, Croatia, Japan, USA) - Satan Samurai •REC Pirate Force (2009)

KiKurachiyo (or 鞠螺千世) is one of the many bastard (love) children of, mainly, two Cephalochromoscopologists' cyberneurosex, and an unlikely result of a paradoxical tri-marriage 'twixt Japanese hardcore, Canadian balls, and Balkan ethics (Bog nam pomogao). Being the unintelligent thoughtcriminals that we are (and always will be), we just wanted to play some love thrash. All while butchering the Japanese language. Now, I can't speak for you, but love and thrash constitute pretty much everything that I want from life anyway. I know, things can get all shitty and crap, but you gotta keep on grinding with a hard core.

And all that jazz.

Don't think too hard. Seriously. I'd rather have some air up there than experience my skull's implosion, if you know what I mean. Life is short, the world is small, and there simply isn't enough time for fear and loathing. And that's why grindcore is fast - namely, helplessness; it has no other choice.

That aside, KiKurachiyo isn't even very fast or anything, I'm just rambling. Influences? Well I guess: 324, Swarrrm, Padlock, Discordance Axis, World Burns To Death, Assück, Heartwork, Disclose, Rinjyu-Zange, and the like, all with the fiery optimism of Burning Spirits.

>>> ダウンロード (Mediafire) <<<

Click the link or else Pikachu here'll gladly visit your dreams.

The technicians of love [恋のテクニシャン]:
Karlo/Zmaj : guitars & lyrics [Croatia]
Orfee : bass & throat [Canada]
Matsui, IKEDAAA & z-z言語「ウ」: drum sounds [Japan]
Justin : track 6, “敲扉倒” [USA ... well, Texas]

Features the unwilling guest appearances of: The Jackson 5, Željko Pervan, Radio Raheem, Sal, Kikuchiyo, Yojimbo, Alex Jones, Tetsuo, Kaneda, and more. The package includes the album artwork, some extra (art)stuff, and all the lyrics. Since most of you visitors think that it'd kill you to leave a comment, do us a favor and try to give our stuff a listen too (I mean, when we post our stuff, in general). Also, we will attempt to release at least 50 physical copies of 'Satan Samurai •REC Pirate Force' sometimes in the future (one way or another).

- z-z言語「ウ」 - noisy, punk as fuck, jazz
- Matsui's (AKA dj illgambler's) seminar work (in Japanese), an introduction to "a new dsp method to represent sonic wave in complex amplitude, using the waveform from roland tr-808 as example" - Go!Phasor (Rapidshare)

And here's a poem 'cause Orfee liked it:
"Dear Satan,
My samurai recorded your pirate force
I'm watching the tape now
On my 1984 VHS"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Unholy Grave & Capitalist Casualties (Japan & USA) - Racism Split 7" (1999)

Yes, well, more Unholy Grave. So, what to expect?

The standard stuff, really, but I wonder, what would Unholy Grave grind about if terrorism disappeared, became extinct, eradicated? Okay, that's pretty much impossible, especially with the modern American definition of the term, so I guess we'll just have to let the band dig grave-reminiscent holes in our fucking skulls, leaving but one clear thought - terrorism sucks.


That aside, I'd say that both sides feature some of the catchiest songs in these bands' discographies; I'm talking about 'Desperate Waiting' and 'Hate Criminal'. Good stuff, naturally. The UG side was recorded in 1998, the CC side in 1999, and the Deaf American flyer says June, 2000, so I settled for 1999. Consult the sleeve scans for any other specific info.

Desperate Downloading (Mediafire)

Unholy Grave [Japan] & Godstomper [USA] - Split EP [2002]

*edit - fixed it.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hands That Mold (Croatia) - Demo (2009)

So I practically don't post anything for months, and then, when I finally do post, I make a post about a band that I'm part of.

We're a duo, apparently. Cupi (that's his codename) is drumming, I'm playing the guitarrr and screaming. Check the tags for the general idea, I guess. I don't know. It's punk.

Seriously though, it's a recording of a sloppy, rough rehearsal, but it's angry and I included the lyrics and all.

I should probably mention that this is as lo as fi gets. (Mediafire)

For the times when everything sucks, remember:
"Only assholes feel sorry for themselves."
- Haruki Murakami

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Knuckle Head [JPN] - 業音 EP [2002]

Ever noticed how Knucklehead have a thing for stair ramps?
If there's such a thing as "hardcore grind" that would be it. They somehow remind me of Senseless Apocalypse except their sound is blown up a bit with nice hooks for the mosher in you. They also seem to take the punk rock more seriously.
On second thought, Knucklehead are hardcore thrashing skaters who grind ramps beyond recyclability. Wood versus metal equals in bone loss.