Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mortalized (Japan) - Satanic Serial Murder (2004)

mortalized ssm tape cover

1. A Crack in the Cataracts
2. Castration Rites
3. Destruction
4. Drowned
5. Speed Satan
6. Untitled
7. Untitled
8. Untitled
9. Untitled
10. Untitled
11. Untitled
12. Destruction (Adagio)
13. Darkside
14. Speed Satan
15. Rapture
16. Nine
17. Bound to Kill
18. Killer-3
19. Rapture and Being Broken with Fire
Total playing time 20:11

While the Russian Mortalized represents your average goregrind band, the Japanese band is probably one of the most kickass deathgrind bands in existence. Unlike so many younger bands, they remember what is best in life.

So what is best in life anyway?
Well, while Conan would no doubt say it's "to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women", that answer is WRONG (sorry Arnie). Obviously, the guys from Mortalized know the correct answer...

Speed and Satan.

Yes, Speed and Satan, the most important things in life, all reflected in but one song title, "Speed Satan". How can it not be awesome? Seriously though, this is excellent, explosively fast tremolo grindcore.

However, the production is something you're allowed complain about (but only a little), as it's very muffled. I don't actually own a physical copy of this tape, so I don't know whether it's the same with the original or it's just this rip that sucks. But hey, this'll have to do for now. It's still a great thing to have since it features lots of songs collected from many Mortalized releases.

More precisely:
1-5: Forthcoming Mortalized MCD (1, 2 and 4: Our Last Day, Discordance Axis covers)
6: Unreleased
7-11: Absolute Mortality #2
12-15: Absolute Mortality MCD
16-17: True Ideal Part 2 compilation
18-19: Split w/ Evol

Download (Mediafire)

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Ben said...

ok, the first few tracks are discordance axis covers ("castration rites" for sure... 1st track on inalienable dreamless)... see our last day

the 2nd untilted track (until the rest of the untitled tracks) = absolute mortality #2

the sound quality is alright for a cassette... the OGs sound better (obviously)

one of you guys should drop me an email...

Zmaj said...

Didn't know about Absolute Mortality #2, thanks!

orfee said...

And where can we get that tape? I probably can make a "better" rip because I'm a Mortalized fanboy.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Dude, your blog is a fucken treat! Great funny writing and (for me) weird mostly unheard of music. Fuck yeah. Oh and thanks again for helping me sort out my SxOxB library awhile back, damn good shit that...

Zmaj said...

Hey Slobodan, the pleasure's all mine. I really enjoy your blogs too, and if it weren't for "Only In It For The Music" I would have never discovered the excellent State Adults (HAH)!

grindfreek said...

i have a copy of this tape I got from a distro in germany. trust me...the quality is not great. i ripped it as best as i could, but the tape itself is a copy. that's how it was put out there. too bad such shit quality...this band FUCKING KILLS!!!

Zmaj said...

Cool to see some Mortalized fans here haha.

Ben said...

in case anyone missed it:

Slobodan Burgher said...

Touche. Yes State Adults rules.

Anyway, on Burning spirits I am by no means an expert but you can't get wrong with basically just about everything by Judgment, Paintbox, Forward and Nightmare!

Also comes to mind is the 3 way split release by Crude, Burial and Nightmare.


Anonymous said...

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