Friday, July 18, 2008

Monstres par Excès releases (noise label)

Here's some noise for a change. Thanks to Gabriele of Monstres par Excès, an Italian noise/experimental label.

Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali (Italy) - L'Anno dei Mongoloidi (2007)

01. L'Anno Dei Mongoloidi (10:23)

"A 10 minutes harsh and raw live set in Shanghai, recorded by C.U.M.T. in the first days of their allegiance. With members of Lolita Vibrator Torture, Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo and some other slaves. Includes video footage of the live event in Shanghai!"
Download (Mediafire)

Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo / Lolita Vibrator Torture (Italy) - L'Aids Alza la Voce e Noi Alziamo il Volume (2007)

Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo
01. Britney Adotta Bambini Cinesi (9:41)
02. Shock Tommy (7:43)
Lolita Vibrator Torture
03. Cetrioli Olandesi (8:00)
04. Dormire Nell'Armadio (8:06)

"Two tracks inspired by the most important events of 2007 deliver Istituzioni Ambienti Naturalismo at the best of his harsh brutality (features a wonderful sample from Anna Maria Franzoni's process), while Lolita Vibrator Torture's gonna spoil your ears with another two tracks about vegetables and homeless people sleeping in wrecked closets. You will not believe to the sonic rush created only with breathe and a plastic bag!"
Download (Mediafire)

Torturing Nurse + Cassa Ufficio Malattie Tropicali (China & Italy, 2007)

01. Noi, Noise, Noia - 我们,噪音,厌烦 (31:22)
02. Zanzare - 蚊子 (0:07)
03. Nichilismo Moda Dell'Anno - 虚无主义是今年的潮流 (0:11)
04. Le Parrucchiere - 理发师女儿 (0:13)
05. L'Amico Tedesco - 德国朋友 (0:10)
06. Rape Di Nanchino - 南京的萝卜 (2:22)

"More than half an hour of collective harsh noise with original chinese percussions and lolita screams. Recorded in a sunny afternoon in Shanghai, a long suite of bastard feedback and a bunch of less-than-10-seconds-tracks with a grindcore flavour. Dedicated to Zev Asher with all our contempt."
Download (Mediafire)

So yeah, all releases are only €5 + shipping while "everything is limitedly-released and hand-painted, with cured artworks and professional graphics layouts". More info on the label's page.

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