Sunday, March 20, 2011

God Harvest (USA) - DEMO (2011)

1. Infidel
2. Feed Us
3. Crucifacial
4. Untitled
5. Human Holocaust
6. Genetic Death
Total playing time 11:36

God Harvest is another fresh, damn nice (fairly) grind band from Florida and this is their demo. Bass heavy, angry, catchy, metallic yet punk as fuck / bits of melody, bits of dissonance, these five dudes long for blastbeatitude by the Way of Nasum. If it means anything, they've been playing with ace bands, too; e.g. the mad Vaccine, a speed freakshow that Alex coincidentally posted some days ago over here. That said, the download includes the lyrics - cheers to that!

"We have subjected ourselves to a dying hive of unsustainable mindset and disillusion
man's blood
the last sacrifice to alleviate the pain."

O internet, hungry internet. (Mediafire)

Personally, I need more blastbeats.


brutalex said...

Cool local band I didn't know about? Nice!

Andrew Childers said...

i just got this one myself and i've been too busy to find the damn time to listen to it cuz i suck.