Thursday, March 24, 2011

antiétat (Croatia) - symbolic destruction DEMO (2011)

Rijeka, Croatia unpleasant grindviolence duo. The (new) name is a simplistic punk as fuck nod to common sense punk simplicity, while the sound is an ode to the Sound and the Fury and destruction in general. We're just restarting to play, so here's some older shit (presumably late 2009 to 2010) with a fairly extreme lo-fi anti-charm.

Smash the symbols! (Mediafire)

Flourishing (USA) - A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World EP (2010)

1. Harvesting
2. Fixture
3. Watching Sparrows
4. Feeling So At Ease
5. Snake Charmer
Total playing time 16:33

Concerning the last few posts, I sure hope I'm doing The Path Less Traveled Records a favor rather than reducing their sales. Actually, with two of them I'm already covered, but this whole area sure is gray. In any case, just looking at the label's band roster proved to be an exciting experience (e.g. Body Hammer, Humanity Falls, and Flourishing here), so downright props to the project. Read the blog, too, over here.

I like the album title a whole lot - could it be said that it defines what might be called a stark contrast of present day, civilized perception, as in: man's animalistic / intuitive ability to sense the world all at once, as what is, rather than what it was, what it could, should, or might be, as hindered by interpretation in symbols, letters, language, art (sound familiar? I'll not be the one to namedrop any authors for several reasons, including the setting + concept of the blog). Flourishing consists of the classic three-man band set up, pretty tight and flowing. I've heard their death metal being described as under the influence of Discordance Axis, even, but I seriously don't know what that's all about - A Momentary Sense of the Immediate World is like Lykathea Aflame's Elvenfris pulled to the more established, darker side of death metal, so here's to the frequent namedropping of Immolation & Gorguts.

Flour-ishin' (Fire to the Media)

Humanity Falls (USA) - Ordaining the Apocalypse (2010)

1. No Room for Ingenuity
2. Prolonging the Inevitable
3. To Have or To Be?
4. The False Enmity
5. Denounced Manifestation
6. At the Temple of Everlasting Condemnation
7. Ordaining the Apocalypse
8. Immoral Abhorrence
9. Of Divine Nature
Total playing time 31:15

Sponsored by laziness, I bring you this post. Well, at least in part, 'cause Humanity Falls is definitely a damn cool band that deserves some more attention + the means of quality recording / mixing / mastering / whatever the fuck. And I don't know why I swear so much. You should hear me in Croatian/Serbian - it's even worse. Fucking fuck fuck fuck... ;D

*wink* *wink* Just yesterday I thought to myself, why not start winking at people in the streets? *wink* Irrelevantly, i.e. Ctrl + C, I'm rarely the one to whine about the production job, but whereas the Worlds 7" was kickass noise, Ordaining the Apocalypse sounds as if it was recorded with a few cheap mics in a badly isolated garage (simply put, the lack of bass is much too apparent). Nonetheless, we get to hear thirty-three minutes of very interesting death-grind falling somewhere in-between Discordance Axis and Immolation / Gorguts / good death metal - as such, it simply cannot be dubbed not-disgustingly-awesome by anyone sane. That goddamn drummer doesn't spend a moment slacking off and it sounds as if he could kick his own ass (is he sufficiently loud off-record, though?), but I hope that - in the future - the whole band manages to pull their approach together for a less cut 'n' paste sound. That said, Humanity Falls let go off so many lazy metal gimmicks with both their sound and lyrics pertaining to philosophy and such, yet they showcase classically old school death metal cover art that could fool just about anyone in regard to the level of the material within, a tracklist topped off with a Pattern Blue cover for fuck's sake! Keeping an eye on these guys.

Dr. Andrew also just put up a review over at Grind & Punishment, explaining how you can also download it at Deathgrindfreak's address with zero objections from the band. Do it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Body Hammer (USA) - Jigoku (2009)

1. Severe Aural Torture
2. The Bystander Effect
3. Direct Digital Drive
4. Blue Eyed Assassin
5. MPD Psycho
6. No Fucking Way
7. The Principles and Practices of Nihilism
8. Inherent Agoraphobia
9. Greatknife
10. It's Not Even Human, Shove it Back In
11. Red Pyramid
12. 29 Second Stairway
13. 2 Minute Stairway
14. The Square Root of 964
15. Deeper Into The Abyss
16. Jigoku
17. When Mental Anguish Exceeds The Physical Capability for Pain
18. Untitled
Total playing time 34:28

A certain sort of sound may reflect off Japanese cyberpunk visuals, and it sure as hell ain't grunge. Jigoku is an aural reproduction of the scene where Tetsuo - the real Iron Man - exhibits his infamous drill-cock shenanigans, bent on making you reconsider your machine / cyborg sexual fetishism, i.e. Ryan Page wants YOU to be uncomfortable, thus he offers an elucidation regarding the emptiness inherent in the notion of "humanist technology". Including a monumental nod to Discordance Axis (MPD Psycho), Body Hammer is heavy on the atmosphere of several psychological disturbances, yet calling the project "ambiental" doesn't quite cut it as there is a definite rawness pertaining to its (hyper-)blastbeat-happy grind roots: a claustrophobic, steamy, tubular quality pervades all tracks, like light pollution and apathetic nihilism pervade what we call our cities, highly developed civilization, total lethargy made the equivalent of zen. Sure, I am but dealing in symbols, but it's all I've left anyhow if Page is anywhere near prophetic with his music.

Direct Digital Drive (Mediafire)

Get Jigoku from the very nice Path Less Traveled Records in a DVD case, at that.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sila (Poland) - Demo Autumn 2009 (2009, eh?)

01. powietrze
02. maath-maa
03. krzycz
04. zmierzch odrodzenia
05. bydło
06. syn wisielca
Total playing time 16:48

Sila is a Polish "math rock / progressive grind" band. The description is utter nonsense seeing as the music doesn't have much to do with either genre, yet somehow it still remains pretty fucking awesome. Sufficiently retrospective, I'd think of Gorguts spread on the floor, but the math to Sila's dissonance is a fairly different deal, the best impressionist sound evaluation being certainly in regard to the Norwegian kings of dissonant death metal, Diskord. Depending on what they aim for, still seems like Sila have a long way to go, but they've already made their music a similar, beautifully disgusting thing, dragging itself on the floor, so my only complaint is more of a suggestions, really - less math, more improv, 'cause I could never enjoy Meshuggah.

Chords to the dis. (

God Harvest (USA) - DEMO (2011)

1. Infidel
2. Feed Us
3. Crucifacial
4. Untitled
5. Human Holocaust
6. Genetic Death
Total playing time 11:36

God Harvest is another fresh, damn nice (fairly) grind band from Florida and this is their demo. Bass heavy, angry, catchy, metallic yet punk as fuck / bits of melody, bits of dissonance, these five dudes long for blastbeatitude by the Way of Nasum. If it means anything, they've been playing with ace bands, too; e.g. the mad Vaccine, a speed freakshow that Alex coincidentally posted some days ago over here. That said, the download includes the lyrics - cheers to that!

"We have subjected ourselves to a dying hive of unsustainable mindset and disillusion
man's blood
the last sacrifice to alleviate the pain."

O internet, hungry internet. (Mediafire)

Personally, I need more blastbeats.