Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rise Above & Machetazo (Japan & Spain) - Split 7" (2000)

Rise Above
1. Forward
2. Discord
3. Stand Point
4. Scientific Abuse
5. Abducción
6. Humillado y Descuartizado Por Mongólicos
7. La Flema
Total playing time 10:38

If a Japanese band called "Rise Above" doesn't ring a bell (i.e. instant grind-mind Napalm Death songtitle associations), let memories be refreshed! They released one of the goddamn best, noisiest, most destructive grind albums ever back in 2001 (as a 3" CD, at that), I Love To Relax. Orfee posted that one back in May of 2008, and he came back in September, 2010, with some older, more metal shit of theirs, Sound Systematic Grind. Cephalochromoscope's history with Rise Above summarized, here's a fairly shit rip of their 2000 split with Machetazo, the latter certainly being among the more prominent deathly, greasy grind bands ever to come from Spain, going since about 1994.

These Rise Above recordings are from 1999, explaining their less explosive, pre-I Love To Relax disposition toward grinding.

Backward (Mediafire)

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