Monday, December 27, 2010

鞠螺千世 [kiKURAChiyo] (Canada/Croatia) - sketchgrind (2010)

鞠螺千世 (KiKurachiyo) no. 2, much faster and noisier and goddamn sketchy (open the blue schematic above for the tracklist counting ten minutes & forty-four seconds). I can't promise that you'll like it, even if you liked Satan Samurai ¤REC Pirate Force, 'cause, while it's still punk as fuck, it has gone a bit into the abstract and came to be with a somewhat specific approach in the first place, one that we dubbed "sketchgrind" ('cause I'd rather use a term made-up a bit less predictably than post-grind, hahaha... just kidding). Specifically, what if one could play / act-out grind in stream of consciousness, much like writers such as Woolf, Kerouac, Faulkner attempted, or, perhaps much more similarly, what the alleged surrealist application of "automatism" claimed to apply (e.g. Breton). I mean - in regard of using a blank piece of paper, the page of some notebook, as the point upon which one can develop / form and develop expression - what if one's canvas was... the blastbeat?

How successful was the attempt? Well, can't do much but let others be the judges, albeit they inherently cannot do this objectively for reasons other than "music is subjective, d'oh!" 'cause these songs are egoistic, self-indulgent, pertaining completely to a feeling for a less decided, more free approach to grind, the realization of which does not necessarily happen in the finished product, but in the very process of becoming; i.e. it's a given that only me and Orfee can consider whether we've accomplished our grind-needs in accord to our expressive notions, like with any other self-reflecting band / project. And hey, the point of the whole thing was still expression, sincere and emotionally releasing and everything that I had found in the extremity that is grind in the first place. That said, there's a whole essay on sketchgrind inside.

Nah, that wasn't a joke. The final product that entailed the first KiKurachiyo had also contained a load of shit (the nicer, selected portion of which [sketchgrind] you see in the post) along with audio tracks, so let it be known that this one's even worse! So eh, we did what we did and we take full responsibility. The download link is at the bottom, anyhow. Not sure what I could say about the directed listener-base seeing as there is none, but certain Discordance Axis fans might like certain elements, and, uh, Swarrrm empathizers could feel similarly about the screaming and yelling 'cause those are the bands that have definitely and significantly influenced us two. I complicate unnecessarily; just don't expect nice(ly produced) music or black metal and you'll be fine. Also, no low volume listening! Bye~

P.S. Have fun and all; I'll be back in the early days of January, 2011.
P.P.S. The front-cover-art is derived from the book cover of Tsuji Jun's 1920 translation of Max Stirner's "Der Einzige und sein Eigentum".
P.P.P.S. Any people / blogs / zines that want to review / criticize / do whatever they want to do with sketchgrind, are encouraged to do so if they, uh, feel like it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

His Hero Is Gone-"Monuments to Thieves"-USA1997

What up folks , its been a minute since I done posted up. I saw that Wedge gave me a thumbs up on my 9shocks post so it inspired me to post something. uh, yea.

Ok, I don't think Ive posted this before, or I hope not. His Hero Is Gone were one my favorite bands ever and this is the album I like the best. These guys later became Tragedy, which I'm not into as much. What I liked about HHIG is that the combined elements of various "extreme music" styles into their punk rock, better than a lot of other bands who have tried. Their composition was technical but simple at the same time, its the perfect mix.

Seriously, I think the intro part of this album is still my favorite of all time. It's crushing when it drops, so bad ass.

The first download link is "Monuments to Thieves LP". Since it's a holiday I added "everything else" to one zip file. The bonus zip includes "15 counts of Arson LP", "Fools Gold EP", " The Plot Sickens LP" and " The Dead Of Night EP". So, other than those I think there is only comp tracks, split 12 w/ UoU and demos you will be missing.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mortalized (Japan) - Absolute Mortality EP [no. 1] (2003)

mortalized absolute mortality 1

1. Destruction (Adagio)
2. Dark Side
3. Speed Satan
4. Rapture
Total running time 4:29

Notice how it's not absolute morality - it's mortality!
Fuck Christmas, anyhow, and especially masses, be they white & holy or black & upside down. But Mortalized is certainly one of the best grind bands to ever exist, owing to the uncompromisingly disciplined approach building upon the concept of speed and Satan. If grind strives for over-the-top speed inside of a physical possibility (sticks in hands, I mean), the whole aspect of "displine" is merely realizing a berserk-to-go potential by theory put to practice over time, will, work. Also, I never signed up for some dude dying for me.

And I think that you guys who did might be assholes. (Mediafire)

Orfee recently posted Absolute Mortality #2 so I figured that this one would be at least as welcome.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Assück (USA) - Misery Index (1997)

1. QED
2. Salt Mine
3. Corners
4. Dataclast
5. Blight Of Element
6. Talon Of Dominion
7. Unrequited Blood
8. Wartorn
9. Sum And Substance
10. Riven
11. Reversing Denial
12. Lithographs
13. Intravenous
14. A Monument To Failure
Total running time 15:10

Assück is a band that pushed grind where it hadn't been, to places it didn't know how to reach, no matter how incredible it may seem today that people in the 90s didn't really comprehend that relentless blastbeating could get you, well, anywhere! The trademark thing about Assücking is - the groove? the rhythm? - the organically tight mass of sound that it spews, owing very much to Proctor's (who also played for Discordance Axis when Witte wasn't around) all-out drumming, clockwork snare fills & dissonant, sludgy sing-a-longs, which is why one of the often irreplaceable grind rules shows as clearly as possible without dabbling into noisecore: always the whole album before individual songs. But really, song-lengths considered, that certainly ought to be goddamn obvious from the start - irrelevant to Assück's perplexing yet bulletproof songwriting wrapped in a Morrisound sound (being more or less intertwined with the unmistakable Florida death metal scene) akin to a collapsing skyscraper - and I can't help but feel a general dislike to all the writers, reviewers, whatever, complaining about songs in grindcore being too short and destructive. I mean, go listen to kitschy rock'n'roll; quod erat demonstrandum (eh). The lyrics are cold, untouchable monuments to the machine-aspect of humanity that is civilization: desperate, existentially bleak, yet existing because of an irrational tinge of hope in the first place, the absurd, Sisyphal power of conscious Being, or, more likely, the last bit of animalism left in man - the will to live. Is the daily grind not the reason why we have such great grind albums?

Economics aside, this album is where the Misery Index from Baltimore took their name from, a band that I kind of like, but not really, 'cause I can't comprehend how ultimately generic metal without innovation, without destruction, with guitar solos, came to be under the influence of a band like Assück, the latter often given the already predictable, pretty vapid description of "hardcore kids playing death metal". For fuck's sake, they're not playing hardcore or death metal - they're playing GRIND, a genre with potential much too intense to be infinitely tangential to its mom & dad genres. Is it not obvious, even natural, that a violent uprooting of oneself happens toward emancipation? Assück, here, is one of these progressions.

"Only one sunrise will tell." (Mediafire)

You know, Plutocracy have a song titled "Suckass", possibly poking fun at their Assücking palls. Also, today my age counts twenty according to the Gregorian calendar, but to hell with time and all that shit. Along with general blastbeat enthusiasm, a few Cephscope staff releases will be posted before New Year's Eve, while the annual year-in-retrospect post might be expected a bit later (from me, at least).

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mortalized & Guilty Connector (Japan) - Concerto for Harsh Noise Grind #3 (2006)

mortalized & guilty connector #3

1. Babylon, Burning
2. Parallel
3. A Planet
4. Work For Ever
5. Home, Sweet Home
6. Beer Can
7. Untitled
Total running time 7:51

I remember when Burek of Terror Noise Audio (& the stochastic Flying Teapot) told me all excited about how he found some Mortalized / Guilty Connector collaboration on soulseek. My reaction was the only possible reaction, i.e. "Fuck yes," and you can add an exclamation mark to that. So it's been posted over at TNA for a while now, but the repost of such a beauty can only create the opposite of hurt + this is a thing comprised of the fluffiest, nicest Japanoise and Nippongrind meaning that about 99% of Cephscope readers will appreciate its form with earblood, earsweat, and eartears. I mean, from my experience. This is, in fact, not Concerto for Harsh Noise Grind #1 (like the title on TNA says, 'cause that one's an older three-song tape / later 3" CD), but the Concerto for Harsh Noise Grind #3 MCD! It is not really a split release, but a full-blown collaboration akin to some those new powerviolence ones that so many of you like to drool over. But there are more blastbeats here, so you ought to know the winner.

And don't embarass me, son(s & daughters), 'cause there'll be a greater number of (cyber)demons a-growlin' than the member count of the entire Satanic Hell Choir of (Death and) Slaughter employed for this very Concerto, and next thing you know I'll be posting Colemans, Coletranes, Dolphies, Jamals, Hills and Minguses.

Takafumi Matsubara for World President (Medifaire)

Anybody up for some noisy emoviolenza and shit? Oh and hey, you know that Japanese screamo band that took their name from a Converge song, Heaven In Her Farts?

Forgive me, but I needed to write that down.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Parade of the Lifeless & Noisear (USA) - SPLIT 7" (1999)

Parade of the Lifeless
1. Doug Flutie Loves His Kiddie Porn
2. Myriad Mindset
3. Surgeon General
4. Free to Maim
5. You Must Comply
6. Morrocan Hash Block
7. Shorty Shit Stain
Total running time 10:47

If this 7" ain't a match made in Heaven, I don't know what is. Or it could've been that, at least, if the Noisear side had, well, better quality recordings. That said, kickass grind is kickass grind. Parade of the Lifeless isn't anywhere near as insane as on the 2000 jazzgrind masterpiece The Anatomy of a People's Bondage, but they still deliver some top quality tech death-grind projecting a macabre fantasy of Doug Flutie's excessive (downright unbelievable) love for children, while Noisear bring the usual spazzbeats, beautiful noise and typographical errors.

Feed Ear Mire (Me Dia Fire)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Insect Warfare (Texas) - Gulf Coast Infestation DEMO (2004)

1. But Now You Die
2. Hurricane Death
3. Amphetamine Psychosis
4. Negative Appeal
5. Death To False Grind
6. At War With Grindcore
Total running time 10:25

The first Insect Warfare demo is but a recording of a rehearsal where Beau gives a lecture on how "haircuts make not a band grind". For the general idea (I do like impressionism), here are all the nice words from the songtitles:
1. Die
2. Death
3. Psychosis
4. Negative
5. Death
6. War

Keep Death to False Grind Alive! (Mediafire)

I've always had a thing for demos, and this one has blastbeats, riffs, noise... Sounds like grind.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Noism (Japan) - ± (2008)

7.No, Cuts and Drag01:34
8.Computer Illiterate02:02
10.I'm Not in a Band01:03
Total playing time 21:38

Crucial Blast infamously (re-)released this one in 2008 (so that's the new cover above), a very goddamn chaotic construct, a flurry of noise on the first of all listens. Well, unless you already heard it. Noism was already featured on Cephalochromoscope with one 2000 release, the other 2001. That aside, I talked to the guitarist of the duo sometimes around the release of this very album and an interview was agreed upon, so I sent in my start-up questions, but never got my answers...


Just kidding. I got over it, I swear. Seriously. No, really. Anyway, here's Noism's absolutely insane debut full-length, extreme in every goddamn aspect, brutal to the fucking fuck, fuck, 'cause that's how brutal it is. Technically, it's breakcore + brutal death metal sped the fuck up; for what it's worth, it could probably be pigeonholed as one of the "best" cybergrind albums for the extremity that it is + full-on realization of the project's entire concept of, well, pushing the envelope of "brutality and complexity" (with speed, at that).

It's over 9000 BPM! (Mediafire)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rise Above & Machetazo (Japan & Spain) - Split 7" (2000)

Rise Above
1. Forward
2. Discord
3. Stand Point
4. Scientific Abuse
5. Abducción
6. Humillado y Descuartizado Por Mongólicos
7. La Flema
Total playing time 10:38

If a Japanese band called "Rise Above" doesn't ring a bell (i.e. instant grind-mind Napalm Death songtitle associations), let memories be refreshed! They released one of the goddamn best, noisiest, most destructive grind albums ever back in 2001 (as a 3" CD, at that), I Love To Relax. Orfee posted that one back in May of 2008, and he came back in September, 2010, with some older, more metal shit of theirs, Sound Systematic Grind. Cephalochromoscope's history with Rise Above summarized, here's a fairly shit rip of their 2000 split with Machetazo, the latter certainly being among the more prominent deathly, greasy grind bands ever to come from Spain, going since about 1994.

These Rise Above recordings are from 1999, explaining their less explosive, pre-I Love To Relax disposition toward grinding.

Backward (Mediafire)