Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exp (Usa) - Exp (1996)

Guts Of Darkness is an awesome french-speaking website dedicated to dark and experimental music. How much awesome ? Well, I could go into a boring namedropping session of all the stuff it made me discover, but I'll just say one : Discordance Axis.

Yep, that's right. Eternal gratitude.

It also made me discover this gem : Exp. This is their first and only album from 1996. The line-up includes Paris and Rozz Williams from Christian Death. As I have never gace a listen to this band, I have no idea if the two sound similar. All I can say is that Exp is qualified as "experimental indus ethno gothic jazz" on G.O.D. Bless you.

Quite an accurate description actually, mostly because I have no idea on how to describe it myself.

Like, at all.

All kind of words come to my mind when I listen to it. Smoke. Travels. A setting sun. That Stephen king novel about fog. The Orient. Static noise in the voice of a child. Heathen rituals. And yet none of them seems to nail it.

Seriously, it's been like a month or two since I've first planned to post it, but I could not put myself into writing a goddamn article about it. Then I realized people probably cared more about the music than what I could write about it. So finally, here it is.

Ne me quitte pas.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Shit and Shine (UK+US+probably fucking Mars, for all I know) - Jealous of Shit and Shine(2006)


1. Here Come the Vikings
2. When Extreme Dogs Go Wrong
3. No Darling, It's A Pentagram
4. Unchained Ladies' Shopper
5. There Are 2 Bakers Now
6. Practising To Be A Doctor
7. Kitten Mask
8. Hot Vodka
9. Seeing Life Through A Young Man's Eyes

Total Running Time 61.34(but it will seem like MUCH LONGER)

If you've not heard of this lot, go and have a look on Youtube for them, or something. Go on. I will wait.


Ok. Now, as great as that was, it probably didn't sound anything like this album AT ALL. Shit and Shine are incredibly difficult to pin down - the live rituals are a hypnotic mess of Boadrum-esque drummer overload and monoriff sludge, but the albums have a much noisier tone to them. MUCH noisier. When Extreme Dogs Go Wrong sounds like William Bennett DJing at an underage wedding, man. It's all a bit... wrong.

There's a Strangulated Beatoffs cover on there. A THIRTY-FIVE MINUTE LONG Strangulated Beatoffs cover. And a lot of it sounds like Masonna, but with an afro. If you see what I mean. Which you don't, because my brain has been irreparably damaged by this, and soon yours will too.

It was a limited release, 1000 copies on Riot Season, which came with an extra disc of the 'You're Lucky To Have Friends Like Us' vinyl. This sounded like the first disc, but run through some kind of kvltifying lo-fi filter. Depending on whether I love you or not, I might have included it in this download. MAYBE.


Achzavoth & Suckinim Baenaim (Israel & a bit of Germany) - Split 7" (2009)

A.1 Suckinim Baenaim
Chaos Shalom (Hyper-Intro)

A.2 Suckinim Baenaim
Coffe Gives Me Energy, But The Stench Of Your Corpse Gives Me A Reason To Live

A.3 Suckinim Baenaim
Sometimes, IWant To Be The Tiny Porid Fly Who Falls In Love W/Your Fire Ant

B.1 Achzavoth
No Titles, No Guts, No Glooory, Dude (Just Satan And Hell, Ohya!)

Whereas the twist-inducing punk band from Tel Aviv <-> Dresden known as Suckinim Baenaim has already graced the blog with their S/T 10" right here, Achzavoth is some wholly new stuff, although no less mindfuckacious in their approach to rock'n'roll. As they describe themselves on their myspace page:

"Achzavoth is a high energy beast quartet from the muddiest slums of Tel Aviv (and one part from the deepest dark deserted orchards of Kfar Saba) with two lead guitars bass and drums. Their rock, a relative of the heavier branches Of the rock music .but not to be mistaken as something comparable, but indeed shares The same spirit with some of the elite of punk, hardcore, noise, metal, or in general:


And you know what? It really does fucking rock. I don't know what's up over in Tel Aviv, but they sure like to jam, and they jam well. I talked to a guy from some kibbutz recently about generally Israeli things, and, seeing as I can't talk from my own experience, I'd just like to cite his description of Tel Aviv: "It's party party party all day all night..."

Sure sounds like it, too, judging by the goddamn awesome bands. I think this thing was also released on tape, but this one's a rip of the vinyl, courtesy of Urban Decay Records. I think it's still in stock, by the way (-l- 666 -l- copies).

So listen to what REALLY rocks, I guess. (Mediafire)


P.S. The Cripple Bastards & Senseless Apocalypse 7" post has been updated with excellent scans 'cause Davydd excellently scanned the whole thing! They are pretty, so see 'em here. More such updates and a big retroactive post coming soon, possibly.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Merzbow [JPN] - Animal Magnetism [2003]

Merzbow came to Montreal's La Salla Rossa a couple years ago and I was eyeballing some metallic loop LP lying on the merch table from afar but a bolder noise hipster came in and swap it before I could commit to a descision [I think it was like 50$] so I got this instead.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Regurgitate [SWE] - Carnivorous Erection [2000]

Gore isn't particularly my cup of teeth but this is Regurgitate so, come on, mang, the cover artwork is nice.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hellchild (JPN) & Multiplex (JPN) - Split 7" (1995)

Side A: Multiplex

1. Inside Out
2. Life With Belief

Side B: Hellchild

3. The Scent of Summer Rain

Total playing time: 8.59

I quite like sour sweets, man. I'm not really one for sugary snacks, but I can't resist a good sour boiled sweet. I recommend you go to the indoor market in Barrow-in-Furness, right, and buy some of these 'Mega-Sours'; eat more than five in one day and I swear the next day a layer of skin will peel of your tongue, due to the insane levels of citric acid. Tell them Cephscope sent you - they won't know what you're talking about, but I imagine the bafflement will be amusing.

Erm. Anyway! This is the rather wonderful vinyl meeting of two of Japan's most interesting 90's products. You know what to expect, Multiplex throw some thunderous deathgrind at you, and Hellchild prog it up with weird chords and melodic yet brutal riffs. The only complaint I have about this is the brevity.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Koreisch (UK) - This Decaying Schizophrenic Christ Complex (2004)


1. Justification By Faith
2. Forced Attrition
3. Submerged Tao Fixation
4. A Premonition of Lifes Erosion
5. 1 Inch Stab Wound
6. Caress This Violation
7. Eclectic Powder Burn
8. Preordained Incarceration
9. The Kevorkian Solution
10. Evolution Through Pessimism
11. Archaicathodemission
12. 4000 Years of Suppressed Dissection
13. Bleed Like Christ
14. The Eating of Food Sacrificed To Idols

Total playing time: 64.37

You know, in a perfect world, I wouldn't be posting this. In a perfect world, you'd all have copies of this stunning, noisy, chaotic piece of grind amazingness. In a perfect fucking world, this would have been followed by more and more releases, each delving further into the unpleasantness and manipulation behind that scourge of the rational: religion. Yup, a record with anti-religious sentiment that doesn't come across as childish whining!

If you have(and have listened to) Today Is The Day's Sadness Will Prevail, you have a slight idea of what to expect - discordance, barely tolerable throat noises, pure pessimism, violence... Al of these things are present, and turned up to eleven. The sections of this record based on repetitive feedback/drones are absolutely stunning, almost tribal in their intensity. Just fucking download it, they only have 322 listeners on

ALSO! This is the remastered 2004 version - if any of you have a physical copy of the 1999 original release, let me know. I might be willing to perform degrading acts in exchange for it.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Liturgy (USA) - Immortal Life EP (2008)

liturgy immortal life ep
1.Immortal Life

2.Life After Life

3.Everquest I

4.Everquest II

5.No More Sorry

6.Vessel of Everthirst
Total playing time 14:32

After Liturgy's 2009 debut (one of my definite favorites), I felt the urge to look into older Liturgy incarnations, EPs and demos. Pre-Renihilation, the band was merely Hunter Hunt-Hendrix's solo project
, but one already working under the fairly descriptive moniker of "transcendental black metal". Immortal Life is a (sort of, 12", but also on CD, I hear?) EP with notable differences, although the general approach doesn't seem to be that much removed from the album. Perhaps the most important and easiest aspects to juxtapose are the drum machine on this one, and the blazing drumming of Greg Fox on the full-length, so this is what I'll do, with a focus on Immortal Life (considering the out-of-control blurting that my post about Renihilation was). Percussion-wise, the only thing that we hear is the distorted thud of the machine's kick (think of The Berzerker); naturally, it does not sound anywhere nearly as organic, although something of the sort is attempted by irregular tempo changes / drastic speed-ups. The vocals also contain a bit of distortion, and seem a tad more aggressive than the cold, desperate wailing that Hunt-Hendrix pulled off for the album. A track most similar to anything off the album is definitely the fifth one, "No More Sorry" [note: yes, it IS a cover of My Bloody Valentine], with its constant attempts to climax and re-climax, die down, climax again. Notice, I said that it attempts to do this, because in the end, the whole deal is nowhere near as tight and explosive as Renihilation (seems to be universally accepted), and even less pertaining to raw, purist black metal.

No more sorry? (Mediafire)

This is not actually some tough guy hardcore band, I swear!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deride & Minus [JPN & SIN] - Split EP [2000]

Where's Ella Fitzgerald when you need her? Ambulance brake oil and ice packs don't quite cut it. You reap whatever cloud seeds you sow, I suppose. I read this EP is out of print so, enjoy the little things.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Padlock [JPN] - Struggle In Red [2003]

Someone has to put a stop to this non-posting nonsense, I'm more of a yes-nonsense type of guy but I like to help out and share. Japan + hardcore = japanese hardcore [music [tsk tsk!]].