Thursday, June 3, 2010

Prefuse 73 [USA] - Preparations [2007]

So this is my first post on Cephalochromoscope. Better not screw this up.

I mean, this time, with total autonomy and free speech. I'm an established contributor. No more Balkanic Omnipotent Grind-Crazed Overlord to monitor my thoughts. No more castrating censorship or fear of refusal. No more endless hours at night, in my bed, blank stare, jaw stressed, the laptop by my side, waiting for the o so sacred mail confirming the publication of my modest contribution to the holy chamber of the blogosphere's highest realms.

Countless hours of exhausting scanning, file renaming, archiving and uploading left my body drained from all energy like an old wrinkled pile of dry flesh, and finally, there it is. The article is posted. My article. The tears of joy and relief flowing from my eyes make colors and shapes all blurry, but still I can recognize the cover art, and decipher some words : "... It sounds even a little short, but hey, it's better than being bored by the last 20mn of a 70mn track. " (Wow, did I seriously wrote this ? Man, it's bad).

And when I can finally turn the computer off, take a shower, eat something and get back to normal life again, there's still that's terrifying little voice whispering in my ears.

So, watcha postin' next, hm ? som'thing better, right ? Y'know you can't let it down, you have a reputation to keep now dude.

And the circle goes on and it's like a fucking drug and sometimes I'm so scared I wish I could take the first plane for Greenland or Peru or dig a hole to the center of the Earth and run and hide from it all but I know they'd find me no matter what and they'd do things to me I don't even want to think about so I go on.

First article. Better NOT screw this up.

I could play it safe and post an obscure LP release of an even more obscure grindcore band from a third-world country, and state how limited and rare this is, but how they sounded even better on that even more limited/rare/obscure first record on tape with their previous drummer, which I'm totally never gonna post just to show how kvlt and trve I am.

You know what ? Screw this. Have some Hip-Hop.

This is Prefuse 73's "Preparations", released in 2007 on Warp Records. This is a double album, the first one, "Preparations", being Abstract Hip-Hop/Electronica and the second one, "Interregnums", Orchestral/Ambiant. This is good stuff that makes me feel all happy and funky in the inside. Hope you like it too. (> ^3^)>

Prefuse (1)73(.58 Mb)


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This is all 100% real and serious.

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Hahaha! Awesome :D

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I like the cut of your jyb, son.


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