Friday, June 18, 2010

Csihás Benö (Serbia) - Cyber Dark - Trade Mark (2008)

1. Prošlost (00:46)
2. Ko Još Brine? (00:44)
3. Pevaš Li Još Uvek? (01:13)
4. Zašto? (00:19)
5. Polja Mržnje (00:52)
6. To Si Ti (00:40)
7. Sada Je Već Previše! (00:40)
8. Bodjoši (00:47)
9. 123 (00:16)
10. Cyber Dark (00:41)
11. Debele Gotičarke (00:39)
Total playing time 07:34

Csihás Benö is a four-man crew from Sombor, Serbia, probably the first band in the Balkans to pull-off downright Spazzcore powerviolence, start-stop thrashing, irregular time signatures and all that goes with it. I had already introduced them on this very blog about twenty years ago, but Doca (vocals) recently told me to go ahead and post this one in its entirety if I want to.

Cyber Dark - Trade Mark is their first album; right now, the second album being already out for quite a while on Deathmutt Records, two other split records are also on their way. Their lyrics can be fairly sarcastic, picking on the scene in true powerviolence fashion (among other things), or totally positive, as in an ode to Csihás Benö - who was the mayor of Sombor in the late 19th century - and his love for the environment.

"Csihás Benö sadio bodjoše,
Hvala ti, hvala ti,
Hvala ti Csiháse...
Što si sadio bodjoše!"

It's damn cool to hear powerviolence around these parts in general. I assume that you guys in the States wouldn't understand 'cause of the genre's abundance, but over here, it's a somewhat refreshing thing, and YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN.

Dark Mark Cybertrade? (Mediafire)

P.S. I was at a Wormrot gig this Sunday in Ljubljana, Slovenia (they almost did a gig in Rijeka, too, but that option sadly fell through for a number of reasons, although I had already taken care of the equipment). The guys were super nice and seemed overjoyed when I told them that I was from Cephalochromoscope (Grind & Punishment was also mentioned in relation to the Abuse reissue and all that), resulting in several silly attempts of pronouncing "cephalochromoscope". And, erm, as all of you are expecting to hear: yes, they kick as much ass live as on the album.

P.P.S. A new 鞠螺千世 (KiKurachiyo) release is currently in the making and it is different. DxAx fans watch out.


orfee said...

Who are you young man? Are you wearing the striped shirt in the picture? My eyes suck as much as my medium-short to long term mem'ry.

orfee said...

Why do I have the impression people in the front row are sitting and why does that guy have his arms crossed at that closeness?

Andrew Childers said...

awwwww. wormrot like me. they really, really like me.

that's one band i'd probably drag my geriatric carcass to see should the opportunity present itself.

Zmaj said...

Orfee: The Balkans are just crazy like that, man.

Andrew: Hey, an US tour is bound to happen the way it's going.