Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cephalochromoscopology is constantly developing [French notice]

Jyb's on board the blog now! I'm fairly certain that most of the regulars here know who I'm talking about, 'cause all the releases he contributed kicked fairly huge amounts of ass, and especially, ESPECIALLY, the first one. He's from France, suggesting that the French-speaking part of the staff is trying to take over Cephalochromoscope, or something of the sort.

Naturally, Jyb is also a Discordance Axis fanboy and a SHMUP lover, but I doubt that anyone thought differently. That said, he also takes part in a few (predominantly) grind projects, such as Caddillacs & Dinosaurs and Claustrophobic Decapitation.

Hello, Jyb! :D


orfee said...

Bonnet journal :D

gamefaced said...

what's that aboot a hat?

Jyb said...

Thanks for the nice introduction ! I'm glad to be part of this blog, even if you're all retarded rabid grindnerds. But hey, guess I'm one too, so whatever. =D

I'll do my best to keep supplying the blog with more music from my personnal collection, packed with a ridiculous amount of scans that makes the download longer and takes space on your harddrive.

For those interested, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is (slooooowly) working on a second EP, and Claustrophobic Decapitation has been dead for a while now.

I'm on another few other projects, which I have no idea on how they're gonna evolve.

That's it for me. Thanks again.

Zer said...

Allez, encore des bootlegs de Serge Gainsbourg!

orfee said...