Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some lumberjack fronted Isis in the smoke o' Dälek

Isis, Dälek, and Transitional played in Teatar &TD, Zagreb, Croatia this Monday. I went with a friend. At 14:15 we boarded a bus, rode to the highway, jumped over a fence, hitched a ride, and come 16:00 we were in Zagreb. As we empirically found out, the tickets were already sold out everywhere except at the venue's cash desk. Before the gig started, all five hundred and fifty were gone and you could see, hear, and feel people with desperate mad eyes looking to buy one. Lucky for us, we came early, no problem, beer and schnaps.

Transitional had a big, tsunami sound, one on guitars / vocals, one on bass, and the lone drummer-in-a-laptop. I only heard the last three songs, though, but I did like it. Heavy heavy stuff, clear enough, a bit monotonous.

Dälek was a two-piece this time, too. The Oktopus on the laptop, drinking wine, the MC rapping with sunglasses. It's not like he could see the audience anyway; see, they filled the venue with smoke. You literally couldn't see shit. Other than that, Dälek had an awesome wall of sound, and the sound was fine. None of the acts talked about anything in-between songs, which made for a pretty merciless aural experience. (Hey, I do like when bands talk. I guess I might even be in the minority.) I believe that most of their set was off Absence - fine - more than fine - very much so - with me. I remember hip-hop with enough respect, in smoke curtains.

When Isis got up, I wondered where Aaron Turner was. Turns out, he transformed into a lumberjack, big beard, wild hair, checked red shirt and all. Minor sound problems at the start, all handled as soon as possible, proceeding into clarity and hugeness. Nothing was heard pre-Oceanic. And boy, their setlist sure was a pile of steaming shit. The evening was theirs in the end anyway, but you know... I mean, they didn't even play The Beginning and the End. What? Yes. No way! Seriously, I'm absolutely positive. How could that have happened? What were they thinking? Aaron Turner, I'll forgive you this time, but only 'cause you played your guitar with a screwdriver.

Post-Altered Course, we disappeared in green smoke spirals.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Anal Treatment XXX-Perience (Greece) - Inhuman Anal Exploration (2009)

Total playing time 37:13

The Anal Treatment XXX-Perience went to extremities, musically, and, well, in all other ways, too. The subject is not at all my thing, but fuck me if I'm gonna censor anything. Then again, if repulsion came to be, I guess ATXXX accomplished what they wanted. Here's something that I can appreciate, though:

"Artistic brutality reflect the total abjection and stupidity of this world... fuck trends, fuck tags, fuck you!"

Our four Greek antiheroes in ATXXX play noisy, fuzzed-out, old-school grindcore of the gory groove kind. The emphasis is on brutality, rather than speed. There's some of their stuff in this post already. Ghoulish, drop-tuned guitars sounding like the very farts of Satan, swarming distortion, cymbals clipping all over the place. You're trapped in a septic tank, man. You're drowning in shit while zombies perform bukkake at ya. The stuff reeks so bad, I can't escape vulgarities in the description. Miasmic grind.

Download (Rapidshare)
Download (Mediafire)

Released by Deathmutt Records, a Malaysian DIY label, limited to 400 copies. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by ATXXX at their home studio. The artwork was done by ATXXX too.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Iron Lung (USA) - Comedy Hour Live (2002)

iron lung comedy hour live

1. Only Death
2. Untitled
3. Nails
4. Untitled
5. Bonesaw
6. Untitled
7. Modified For Arm Abduction
8. Untitled
9. Storage Unit
10. Untitled
11. Iron Lung
12. Untitled
13. Arc Lamp
14. Untitled
15. Cervical Laser
16. Untitled
17. Chest Assessment
18. Untitled
19. Placement Six
20. Untitled
Total playing time 19:01

The incredible Iron Lung stand-up comedy act! Most of the tape consists of comical bandmember & audience talk (this constitutes all the tracks tagged with "untitled"), briefly interrupted here and there by a fluffy blast of surgical powerviolence. If you thought about getting this one, forget about it. Limited to 100 copies, interesting and/or fucking awesome book-sort-of thing packaging, I hear. Recorded at a gig at Burnt Ramen Studios, Richmond CA, October of 2001. Released 2002, Enterruption Records.

NO BASS. (Mediafire)

That's right.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Discordless (Romania) - 148 Light Years (2009)

Discordless is a Romanian no-genre project. They put out 148 Light Years on the Asiluum label quite recently, the second release after their debut EP, five years ago. Alongside the regular, physical CD, they also decided to make it available for free over the internet (like, a metaphysical CD?), hence this post, stemming aaaaall the way from my electronic inbox. It was described to me as "...a collective effort of Marius Costache (noise), Ana Roman (piano), Costin Chioreanu (guitar), Jeno Havelaar (noise), and Razvan Raduta (drums). Produced, mixed and mastered by Marius Costache."

This album is a 148 light year-long journey through space, but I'm not sure to where, or why. Perhaps you're only drifting, 'cause you sure as hell don't know where you're going (well, I don't). Although it is, uh, a bit of an impossibility, somehow, your fragile body is propelled in-and-out of some obscure celestial body's orbit by sound and sound only. But look! There's a planet shaped like a piano. There's a bear eating a banana. There's a Jon Chang singing the Sailor Moon theme song. Yeah, there's a whole lot of weird shit in general. And I'd like to say that you saw a huge ^_^-shaped crater on some faraway rock, but it just didn't happen. To be honest, I think it's all in your head. You're swimming between stars, listening to this stuff, and there's no pressure except the heavy Discordless atmosphere. I mean, how the fuck are you even alive, in space?

Discordless Axis (Direct)

I must say, the artwork fits very nicely.

"The artwork was painted using mixed-media techniques by prolific artist Costin Chioreanu of Twilight13Media who also makes a guest appearance on this record as a guitar player."