Friday, July 17, 2009

the Dreadful Eardrum Assault & Zmajevdah (Canada & Croatia) - Split (2009)

the Dreadful Eardrum Assault a.k.a. Teizoku Komaku Bohkoh
1. Baby Beet Blues 01:15
2. Bottled Blues 02:22
3. Boardman Blues 02:28
4. Jazzmaster Murakami 01:10
5. Arclite Shock Cannon 01:31
6. Automaton 00:56
7. Blues for Bureaucracy (Post Ingram) 02:21
8. Protostructure (Pre Megastructure) 00:44
Total playing time 12:47

There's a person playing a saxophone in these files, voraciously blowing and convulsing on the floor, just behind the screams of rusty tubes and endless dusty spins of some classic jazz record. I don't know the truth behind it all and I will never see a completely clear image, but it's like a guy called Jack - or maybe Jesus - but definitely from the past; dressed in and defined by dirty blue denim overalls sitting somewhere along the banks of the Mississippi wailing into a telephone receiver mic. Now, you might, I think, ask "What's in it for me? WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? FOR ME. FOR ME." Love's in it man and if you haven't grasped that yet you need to grow up. It's a wondrous thing, goddamnit. Sometimes I wonder if this noise is only here for our own development rather than an actual limb of feeling, yet I fully understand that it doesn't take much to make a stamp of our time, a point in the chronology of man, an honest journal of our souls, 'cause we're men, in a way. Truth is, I can't ever feel inhuman because we can do this any time we want; write and send a letter.

A few years ago, I wouldn't have known what to think. Now, I am fully aware of passive warfare. As in, not doing absolutely everything, and why. In fact, I lost my cellphone tonight, but I found it later, in the dark, on the beach, and I am happy, not because I have found it, but for reasons that I will not disclose. I'd rather discharge those reasons, but I've no more power, like my wretched cellphone.

A few years in the future, all I'll know is that we had grown together rather than apart, for some reason, with feeling. The more curves you make, the harder it gets to see straight, and you can only walk a straight line when there ain't no heartbeat.

Harsh curves. Too many stars in the sky to look at. How do you choose?

I'd have written it straight if I knew how, or what, and why. The dreadful thing about the Dreadful Eardrum Assault is the way it crawls through your ear canal, like a seductive Billie Holiday love song, only, deliberately malevolent. It's either that or your ears get crushed to bits by a bit crusher. Smell the stench.

My downloads will have directories. (Mediafire, 320kbps MP3)

Direct download link at the smellthestench netlabel, No. 470.


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