Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dad They Broke Me (Australia) - Lack EP (2007)


1. Iron Sun
2. Dead Shot
3. Extinction of Thought
4. Spat Out Rotten
Total playing time 20:15

Still under the impression of the recent L'Aquila earthquake, here's something that sounds like it'd score fairly high on Richter's scale.

Sludge. Fuck. Scary, uncompromising stuff; it feels like murder and the aftermath, Rodion Romanovich accidentally axing Lizaveta Ivanovna (as far as one can accidentally axe people; let's leave that for another time), the band being Raskolnikov and you and me Lizaveta, and the axe appears to be a truck, actually, or, well, something like that. Dad They Broke Me are often described as a sludge version of The Jesus Lizard, but fuck descriptions that make sense, I say. Their color is that of Venetian canals - the ugliest teal - yet one just a bit too ugly to evoke a sentiment of Windows 95, but more like the image of a common teal that decided to grow a pair of huge iron wings (the duck equivalent of balls) and just drift through the universe completely ignoring time and space, indifferently skullraping God while continually, indiscriminately shitting hydrogen bombs at the nearest celestial objects when its bowels call for the apocalypse.

That's it, they sound like my bowel movements, albeit alarmingly apocalyptic ones: like I'm about to shit a heavy load transport train and just totally crush that impudently clean toilet. Seriously though, Lack is so good it makes being buried under a mountain of elephant shit sound like quite the excellent prospect.

Music that kills babies, their parents, and their parents' parents, and their children that never even existed. (Mediafire)

Get this stuff on Missing Link Records, excellent label. Happy Easter and all that bullshit. There is no God.


dr.grinder said...

hi mate the link is areleady onj my blog nice one... your blog is fucking god special unholy grave 7''ep stuff tanks

orfee said...


orfee said...

Hey Zmaj, I heard you stomp your foot a couple of times to negate the earthquake's effect so, on behalf of Italy I thank you for saving our precious mozzarella cheese.

Luc(A)s said...

Hey Zmaj, I finally posted (after I regretably broke my promise). I've decided that this post will be my last, then after about a week or two I'll probably delete the blog. Go ahead and download that shit though and enjoy, I'll probably drop by this place and leave comments about the tunes every now and then, can't say how often exactly, but we'll see. Anyway, keep up the good work, and if you want to use any music from Lower Extremities, email me and I'll send you the files (or if you downloaded any of them and have them still, then you can certainly just cut out the middleman and post them). Cheers orfee and Zmaj, I hope this blog stays alive for a very long while!

- With solidarity,

Cory Monster said...

man, if I find out they got thier name from that Pavement song, I will like them twice as much as i already do. . .and I already like them a lot.

Zmaj said...

Pretty sure they did, dude.

Anonymous said...

Yeah name is from Pavement's song lyrics.

We'll have a newbie out soonish. Recorded it over a year ago but we're still trying to eat our way outta that mountain of elephant shit that ZMAJ was talking about!


Zmaj said...

Excellent news!

Blood7 said...

Looks like we're self releasing the new one. Will be a vinyl release of about 100 units. Our aim is to get it into as many distros as possbile so it's available around the world. Was talk of downloadable version for those allergic to vinyl but not decided yet. Any distros out there interested in helping distribute the pain can contact us via our myspace. Should be out Juneish.

Zmaj said...

I can't wait; Gutted Slowly is awesome. Anyhow, you know where to find me if you're up for some cephalochromodivulgation.