Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (France) - Attack! Of The Zombie Beavers (2008)

1. Attack! Of The Zombie Beavers
2. Counting Casualties
3. To Rape A Physicist
4. Mechgoat
5. Aggressive Humidity
6. Birds With Feathers Like Razorblades
7. Clockwork Kali
8. Shotgun Cupid
9. The Party Of The Century
10. Late At The Theatre
Total playing time 08:11

More stuff from Jyb! This time, it's one of the projects that he's part of, or more precisely, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs. They released their first EP just a few days ago, and it's free for download! (Kudos.)

Here's the very fresh band-bio:

"Cadillacs & Dinosaurs was founded in Angers, France as a result of the meeting of Jyb (programming, lyrics, artwork) and Hervie (guitar, voice). With a common taste for grind and old school video games, they wrote their first songs in January 2008.

Inspired by bands such as Genghis Tron and Agoraphobic Nosebleed, the band chose to make the drummachine the root of the writing process. The guitars and the voice are like layers added at a later time.

Both the lyrics and the visuals are far from the usual subjects seen in grind (such as politics, or gore, porn...). The lyrics tell, ironically and grotesquely, stories of zombies beavers, a carnivorous moisture, and morals in the victorian era. In October 2008, Ben (bass guitar, backing vocals) joined the band, that then recorded their 10 song EP «Attack! Of The Zombie Beavers»."

Stuff's cool. Catchy too. Glitchy drum programming sometimes reminiscent of NOISM, even. But most importantly, you just "CAN'T ESCAPE THE GROOVINESS, BABY".

Megadownload (320kbps mp3, Megaupload)

"P.S. Don't label us as 'cybergrind', I can't stand that word."

Well, fuck. I would have totally done it, you know, for archiving purposes. Also; I ENDED YOUR KILLING SPREE ORFEE, HAH! :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Green Beret (USA) - S/T (2000)

Just when I was thinking that it's really about time that I post something, Jyb of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and Claustrophobic Decapitation sent me another mail! This is his second contribution to Cephscope, the first one being Tetsuo's Ranshuo. Thanks Jyb!

Here's what he says:
"Here's another record from my small collection : Green Beret. That must be one of the weirdest and funniest record I have. Take grindcore, surf rock, movie samples, vocoder, cheap-ass synth and a black sab' cover. Blend it all, and ta-daa! You have Green Beret! Don't think there's much more to say. They're from Alabama. Who cares. It's kickass. Don't forget to check the hidden track!"

I can only confirm his words. Check the scans for the lyrics and tracklist. Don't know much more about other Green Beret releases, except that they put out a 7" with Godstomper (in 2000 too, I think).

Voluntary File Donor (.wma, Megaupload)

Theremincore is love.

Friday, January 16, 2009

More of the truth, justice, and fantasy

A bit of an update on this post: Johannes Mehserle was finally arrested on a murder charge of Oscar Grant. The still unknown verdict aside, this will surely provide satisfaction to some, but I consider it pretty insignificant in the long run.

Other people have already summed the whole thing up excellently:

"We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws."
— Hunter S. Thompson

That aside, I hope to reactive soon (as in, actually post some music and all that).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Introduction: Csihás Benö - Balkan Powerviolence

"Kakav je ovo pank bre?"
"Aaaaaaaaaa u kurac! To je power violence!"

Introducing Csihás Benö, a relatively new band to the Sombor punk scene (Serbia). News of the guys' debut album made me excited, the reason being their choice of genre, mostly, recalling bands such as Spazz, Infest, and Crosed Out. Powerviolence in the Balkans? Prior to these guys, the closest to the term was Panaceja (split up), but it's pretty safe to say that Csihás Benö are the only band here playing straight-out PV.

Csihás Benö includes all the stuff that makes powerviolence awesome for the most of us; speed, breaks, time changes. Noisy, spazzed bursts of thrash. Suffice to say, it's up my alley.

Some general band info, courtesy of Doca (vocals):
"Csihás Benö (Cheehaash Benne, or something along those lines) is a powerviolence/hardcore crew from Sombor. They formed in September, 2007. Their lyrics are based on experiences from life, moving from positive and humorous, to sarcastic views of the world around us. Fast, nosy, short and clear! Currently there's a CD out on Demonkracija Records under the name 'Cyber Dark - Trade Mark', and you can get it at the following contact: demonkracijari (at) For other band-related information you can write to: docaska (at)"

Doca kaže:
"Csihás Benö (Čihaš Bene) je powerviolence/hardcore ekipa iz Sombora. Nastali su Septembra 2007. Tekstovi im se baziraju na iskustvima iz života, tako se kreću od pozitivnih i šaljivih sve do sarkastičnih pogleda na svet koji nas okružuje. Brzo, bučno, kratko i jasno! Trenutno im je na Demonkracija recs-u izašao cd pod nazivom „cyber dark – trade mark“, možete ga nabaviti na sledeći kontakt: demonkracijari (at) Za ostale informacije vezane za bend možete pisati na sledeći kontakt: docaska (at)"

Here's a lo-fi recoding of a gig of theirs on youtube. No myspace. And nope, no download link. That aside, the CD costs less than a bottle of beer in some places, seriously.

Csihás Benö was Sombor's mayor in the late 19th century. He died of tuberculosis in 1893., however, thanks to him and the celtis occidentalis people call Sombor the greenest town in Europe.

"Csihás Benö sadio bodjoše,
Hvala ti, hvala ti,
Hvala ti Csiháse...
Što si sadio bodjoše!"

EDIT: Two songs from the release: 'Prošlost' and 'Zašto?' (mp3). ALSO, if you're interested in the CD, contact Doca at docaska (at) !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Truth, justice, fantasy

Have you heard? Johannes Mehserle, a Bay Area Rapid Transit cop, shot and murdered an unarmed, handcuffed Oscar Grant. This happened at a train station on New Year's. Cell phone video footage (be warned, possibly disturbing content):

In turn, there's a riot in Oakland. It's just like Greece, they say. I hear there are even agents provocateurs, though I'm not sure if they are needed. Looting, destroying random shit, murder-unrelated agenda, or no agenda at all. The protests seem to be opportunist bullshit.

That article is too, however.

Sure, there's directionless looting and destruction, but hey, Johannes Mehserle, policeman, supposedly a public servant, killed a man for no apparent reason. There are more important things than broken windows. Oscar Grant is dead. It is something that insurance can not fix.

The cops are at arms, and the media is on it. In the end at least something was accomplished. Right?

324 (Japan) - Soulwinter 7" EP (1999)

324 soulwinter ep

1. Waterdrop
2. Idealize
3. Broken Clock
4. Soulwinter
Total playing time 07:07

Grindcrust perfection. I know I said that already. I know I'll say it again, no doubt.

While I wouldn't call 324 tight, inventive, or even that fast by some standards, they blast with awe-inspiring conviction. Their style is perfect as a modern-day example of the origins of grind, in all their crusty glory. Something important that all love-thrash practitioners could learn from 324 is the second most important rule of grind (just behind "play fast"); that is, to be absolutely relentless, at all times.

Shall we call it 'Rule 324'?

Downloaaargh (Mediawater)

Soulwinter may still be in-print, I'm not 100% sure. You all needed 324 bad though, in any case. However, I WILL post as many links as I want.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pulp(UK) - Freaks(1987)

1. Fairground
2. I Want You
3. Being Followed Home
4. Master Of The Universe
5. Life Must Be So Wonderful
6. There's No Emotion
7. Anorexic Beauty
8. The Never-Ending Story
9. Don't You Know
10. They Suffocate At Night
Total playing time 44.13

It's just dawned on me that this record is 21 years old. Crikey.

Pulp were always darker that the other pop acts in the UK in the 90's. Their kitchen-sink drama tales of sordid lust and grim desperation behind the closed curtains of surburbia always seemed to sit awkwardly out of place with the blustery laddishness of Blur and Oasis, which is I guess what attracted me to them. Different Class was one of my first musical loves, Pulp at the Nynex with Denim and Edwyn Collins was one one of my first big gigs, and Freaks was one of my first real eye-opening moments. It was upon receiving a badly-taped copy of this from a chum, Alex, that I realised there was a musical universe out there bigger than I could ever imagine.

This is not an easy record to listen to. The pop sentiment is there on some of the tracks, I Want You in particular is a chorus sixth-form bands across the land would die for. But to get to that song first you must endure Fairground, an acid-trip nightmare Nick Cave would run screaming from. Master Of The Universe is another descent into madness, the likes of which Pulp wouldn't better until nine years later with I-Spy.

This one is for those who love early Cure, who think The Smiths were a little too twee, who want their pop to bite back. Enjoy.

Raise your eyes and graze your knees... (Mediafire)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tetsuo (Japan) - Ranshuo

1. Ranshuo
Total playing time 16:15

So Jyb decided to contribute Tetsuo's Ranshuo to Cephscope. I am fully aware that you know nothing at all about this band. Get ready though ... (!) Tetsuo is basically ex-Birushanah. The mere thought of this should make you wet, really. I planned on posting yesterday, actually, but Dødheimsgard made that cephalochromoday.

Here's what Jyb said:

"Here's my first contribution to Cephalo': "Ranshuo", by Tetsuo. It's a one-track album, 16mn long. If you notice a resemblance with Birushanah as I did, that's because that's the same guys (bass, guitar and voices). Tetsuo were their previous band.

Musically, it sounds like an early pissed-off Neurosis. And it's japanese, so it sounds REALLY pissed-off. More precisely, it's some kind of metallic sludge, going back and forth from fast-paced parts to midtempos, and back to killing accelerations again, all wrapped in that industrial/end of the world atmosphere. The 16 minutes pass like a charm, without boredom. It sounds even a little short, but hey, it's better than being bored by the last 20mn of a 70mn track."

Me, I can't thank Jyb enough for this gem.

KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!! (.wma, Megaupload)