Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Grind and loathing in Melbourne: The Agents of Abhorrence [Part I]

So finally (well, at least as far as I'm concerned), another interview on Cephalochromoscope!

The Agents of Abhorrence are probably my absolute favorite when it comes to all these "new wave of powerviolence" bands. About this term, "(new wave of) powerviolence"; I wouldn't really say that it fits too well, and I use it somewhat hesitantly, but since many people like to identify bands such as Iron Lung and the Endless Blockade with the aforementioned term, I guess it's not that far off. These bands aren't that similar per se, but they all play quite original, and intensely precise, extremely fast music with the occasional sludgetastic chug (you know, for contrast). I urge you all to check out whatever AoA release, but especially the 2007 full-length, Earth.Water.Sun. on 625 Thrash.

Actual interview aside, Max (the drummer) told me that putting up some music with the interview would be pretty cool too, so I compiled 9 AoA songs spanning 4 releases for a hopefully good representation of the band's work. The songs move from the fastest to the slowest to showcase their diversity, but with 'Salt and Earth' being the first track just 'cause I think it's a great opener.

Some releases to look out for in the future are the split with Insect Warfare (it should come out... eventually), and the split with Extortion (coming out this month). Speaking of which, here's their 2004 demo too, but it's (being a tape rip) pretty lo-fi stuff and I'd recommend it mostly to fans.

Agents of Abhorrence (Australia) - Cephalochromoscope Compilation

Nice shirt.

1. Salt and Earth
2. Shock Treatment
3. Once a Bind
4. Hollowed
5. Open Up
6. Heirloom
7. Character Dissection
8. Covert Lobotomy
9. On Ice
Total playing time 12:38

Tracks 1 - 3 were taken from Earth.Water.Sun, recorded in 2007.
Tracks 4 - 5 were taken from the 7" split release with Iron Lung, recorded in 2005.
Tracks 6 - 7 were taken from Character Dissection, recorded in 2006.
Tracks 8 - 9 were taken from the 9" EP Covert Lobotomy, recorded in 2004.

Download (Mediafire)

Okay, that's it. Enjoy the interview!


Unknown said...

I'm very interested in the Insect Warfare split, keep us updated.

TMM said...

I love Swarrrrm. Wanna trade links?



Zmaj said...

Hey, if I happen to find out anything more about that split, I'll be sure to inform you.

And as for the link exchange - it's a deal.

Chairmaker said...

Zmaj- way to be pro-active and go out and get an interview. Very cool.

Andrew Childers said...

SOB shirt = Instant WIN. that's all i need to know about them. obsessive collecter nerd gene kicking in.

Zmaj said...

Chairmaker: Glad you like it man. There will definitely be more in the future too.

Mr. Childers: Excellent genes.