Sunday, November 16, 2008

Escape from New Cephalochromoscope

Just to link to some musically related posts on other blogs (and keep a few promises).

The new Muga album, "There is Nothing Eternal Exists", in all its Engrish glory, is now on Crustmas. I remember some guy asking about it in the shoutbox ages ago, but that aside I know that many Cephalochromoscope visitors love Muga.

Zero linked to our Muga/Swarrrm split some time ago too, in this Crustmas post, precisely. Now, I might as well mention this if I confused some Swarrrm fans with my comments on that Crustmas post (as in, what the hell was I talking about); I said that I was fine with the split since the Swarrrm tracks were re-recorded/mastered (even though they are also on Black Bong), and I mentioned "Hitaka" as the vocalist, but the guy that I actually meant was Tsukasa Harakawa (also see: Hellchild, From Hell, Force, Atomic Fireball on their split with Swarrrm, and of course, the Swarrrm itself). I noticed this just recently! Guess I must have subconsciously confused all these bandmembers of Japanese bands in my heaaad.

Also, there's this new awesome blog, Eater of Sounds, where Chairmaker provides loads of awesome Japanese releases right up the Cephalochromoscope alley. Among other things; Atomic Fireball's Strange Ways, Undivided EP, split with Frodus, and also Scalene. Music aside, the blog layout includes Katsuhiro Otomo and Tsutomu Nihei artwork which makes it awesome by default.

In other news, I can't believe I'm kinda getting into At The Gates again. Still pretty much the only good melodeath band ever.


Chairmaker said...

Thanks for the mention.

- I'm a huge nihei fan. His idea of what a terrifying, planet-spanning megalopolis inhabited by synthetic demons should look like is just so right on: he's like a combination of escher & giger filtered through manga.

Zmaj said...

Yes! It's like a total cyberpunk wet dream (as in: a wet dream for a fan of such cyberpunk :D). I like that comparison of yours too, and how both Giger and Nihei studied architecture.

Chairmaker said...

'cyberpubk' - yeah- William Gibson's first trilogy, especially Neuromancer are favorites of mine- I think that's part of why I enjoy Nihei's work so much.

Zmaj said...

What makes me like Blame! (among Nihei's other work) so much is, specifically, the vague history of the world, and generally the megastructure and its construction. It's obviously not feasible in reality (well, not now; or not to the extent of the megastructure in Blame! at least), but such concepts still intrigue me (e.g. the Dyson Sphere, or/and Matrioshka brain, among other things; though I'm not sure if those are THAT similar to the megastrucure). Also, it's all so bleak man. I can't recall anything as bleak since 1984.

Davydd Grimm said...

Oh, man, much love for Nihei here too!

Zmaj said...

Excellent. :D