Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crowpath & Swarrrm (Sweden & Japan) - Split 7'' (2007)


1. Cleansed in Chlorine 04:49
2. Smallman Have Bigmouth (Venom 2) 05:24
Total playing time 10:13

For those who don't know: Crowpath is a Swedish tech-death/whatever/kickass band. An abrasive wall of (totally awesome) noise. Something to look out for is the originality of the cymbalwork by Eric Hall. Swarrrm's side sounds like Swarrrm. It's one of those songs with a crazy-Japanese-guy-screaming-and-crying part.

This 7" is pretty easy to find too - directly from the Crowpath Homepage (in Sweden) or the Bis Aufs Messer store (in Germany) if you're in Europe, and from To Live A Lie in the US. I think Crucificados Pelo Sistema is the main label though.